Burna Boy Critiques Nigerian Afrobeats, Calls for Substance in Music

Burna Boy Critiques Nigerian Afrobeats, Calls for Substance in Music


Burna Boy, a prominent figure in the music industry, has been instrumental in taking Nigerian music to the global stage.

With his captivating talent, he has not only earned numerous accolades but also successfully filled venues around the world.

His latest insights come ahead of the release of his seventh album, titled “I Told Them.”

Afrobeats: Substance or Entertainment?

In a recent interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Burna Boy expressed his perspective on Nigerian mainstream music, often referred to as Afrobeats.

He highlighted that Afrobeats is often devoid of substantial content, describing it as “music without substance.”


According to him, the genre tends to prioritize creating an enjoyable atmosphere, focusing primarily on the pursuit of a good time.

However, Burna Boy believes that music should encompass more than just pleasure, as life itself is a multifaceted journey that involves various emotions and experiences.

Fela Kuti’s Enduring Legacy and Contemporary Reception

During his conversation with Zane Lowe in New York, Burna Boy delved into the legacy of the legendary afrobeat pioneer, Fela Kuti.

He shared his conviction that Fela’s impact might have been met with different reactions if he were active in the present day.

Fela, known for addressing important social and political issues through his music, would potentially face challenges in today’s society.


Burna Boy pointed out the prevalence of shallowness, ignorance, and a lack of spiritual depth in the modern cultural landscape.

A Shallow Society: The Challenge for Meaningful Expression

Burna Boy’s insights shed light on the challenges faced by artists who strive to convey deeper messages in a world where superficiality and immediate gratification hold sway.

He suggested that Fela Kuti’s messages and activism might not find the same resonance in the contemporary era due to the dominance of quick pleasures and a lack of meaningful engagement.

In conclusion, Burna Boy’s interview with Zane Lowe provides a thought-provoking perspective on the state of Nigerian mainstream music and the challenges faced by artists who aim to bring substance and depth to their work.

As he prepares to release his new album, Burna Boy continues to shape conversations about the role of music in reflecting the complexities of life.


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