New York City Residents Left in the Dark Briefly Following ConEd Plant Incident

In the early hours of Friday, a sudden disturbance at a Con Edison (ConEd) plant in Brooklyn sent plumes of black smoke into the sky, triggering momentary power outages across New York City.

The incident unfolded shortly after midnight, leaving residents puzzled as lights flickered during a brief citywide blackout.

ConEd Plant Incident:

Footage captured the ominous black smoke emanating from the ConEd plant in Brooklyn, signaling a potential issue at the facility.

The New York City Fire Department swiftly responded to the scene, with sirens flashing from the affected plant.

The visuals of black smoke and emergency responders create a sense of urgency, setting the stage for the subsequent power outages.

Citywide Power Outages:

Following the disturbance at the ConEd plant, New York City experienced a momentary power cut.

Lights flickered across various neighborhoods, including Lower Manhattan, the Upper East Side, Bed-Stuy, Downtown Brooklyn, and Long Island City.

The New York City Fire Department’s prompt response aimed to address and contain the situation.

The widespread impact of the power outages, affecting diverse neighborhoods, underscores the scale of the incident.

Response and Restoration:

Authorities acted swiftly to address the power outages, and most of the electricity in the affected areas was restored soon after the incident.

The New York City Fire Department’s presence at the ConEd plant reflected a coordinated effort to assess and manage the situation.

The restoration of electricity emphasizes the efficiency of the response efforts, providing reassurance to residents.

Resident Confusion:

In the aftermath of the incident, residents expressed confusion and concern about the brief power cut.

Reports indicated that lights flickered not just once but twice within approximately 15 minutes, contributing to a sense of uncertainty among those affected.

The narrative touches on the residents’ experience, capturing the disorientation and surprise caused by the sudden blackout.


As New York City emerges from the momentary disruption, questions linger about the nature of the incident at the ConEd plant.

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