British Airways IT Failure Causes Widespread Flight Cancellations and Delays, Disrupting Half-Term Holiday Travel Plans

British Airways IT Failure Causes Widespread Flight Cancellations and Delays, Disrupting Half-Term Holiday Travel Plans

…By Lola Smith for TDPel Media. The plans of thousands of families during the half-term holiday were thrown into disarray when British Airways canceled at least 42 additional flights on Friday.


This cancellation spree was a direct result of an IT failure that had a significant impact on the airline’s operations.

Most of the affected flights were on short haul routes to and from Heathrow Airport, occurring on what was anticipated to be the busiest day for air travel in the UK since before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

As a consequence of an IT problem that had caused around 80 flights to be grounded the previous day, planes and crew members were left out of position, exacerbating the chaos.

Passenger Disruption and Inconvenience

Approximately 16,000 passengers have been affected by these cancellations, leading to frustration and inconvenience for travelers.

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Alongside the flight cancellations, there were widespread delays to other flights, compounding the difficulties faced by passengers.

Some individuals were unable to complete online check-ins, further adding to the overall disruption.


British Airways’ Response and Heathrow’s Clarification

British Airways acknowledged the technical issue on their website and reassured customers that efforts were underway to resolve the problem.

They advised passengers to check the status of their flights before heading to the airport and acknowledged the high volume of customer inquiries they were receiving.

Meanwhile, Heathrow Airport clarified that the IT failure was not related to a strike by security officers at Terminal 5, further clarifying the cause of the disruption.

History of IT Failures and Peak Travel Season

British Airways has experienced a series of IT failures in recent years, including cancellations in the lead-up to Christmas 2022 due to system issues.

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Adding to the challenges, aviation analytics firm Cirium reported that Friday was expected to witness the highest number of departures from UK airports since December 20, 2019, with over 3,000 flights planned.

This surge in travel was due to families heading overseas in preparation for the half-term school holiday in England and Wales.

Progress in Resolving the Issue and Customer Support

In a tweet posted by British Airways on Thursday evening, the airline announced that their systems were back up and running.

However, intermittent issues were still anticipated.


To accommodate affected customers, the airline offered options for refunds, re-booking, and, if necessary, provisions for overnight stays, including meals and hotel accommodation.

Passenger Feedback Reflecting Frustration

Passenger frustration was palpable during the chaos at Heathrow, as one Twitter user reported a lack of information and only a few British Airways staff members available to handle the situation.

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Expressing disappointment in the airline’s handling of the situation, the user called on British Airways to improve their service, emphasizing their status as the UK’s flagship carrier.


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