Dwayne Johnson’s New Wax Figure Unveiled in Paris – but Fans Aren’t Impressed

Debuting Dwayne Johnson’s Wax Figure

Dwayne Johnson, the Hollywood action hero known as “The Rock,” recently had the honor of having a waxwork model made in his likeness.

This figure was unveiled at the Grevin Museum in Paris, a popular destination for tourists and fans of celebrity culture.

The museum’s decision to immortalize The Rock in wax generated significant buzz, and fans eagerly lined up to get a photo beside the newly revealed statue.

A Different Take on The Rock

The wax figure presents a unique take on the renowned actor.

While The Rock is typically known for his muscular, shirtless appearance, the wax sculpture depicted him in a more reserved fashion.

In the statue, he is seen standing with his arms crossed, clad in a blue collared t-shirt and navy trousers. This contrasted with the usual image of the jacked and often shirtless star.

Fan Reactions and Criticisms

Upon seeing the wax figure, fans couldn’t help but express their opinions, and many were not entirely convinced by the likeness.

Some observant fans noted The Rock’s smooth facial features and a lighter complexion than expected. One fan even humorously remarked that the statue appeared “white.”

Social Media Feedback

The museum proudly shared the unveiling of their latest addition on Instagram, but the response was mixed.

Some comments criticized the quality of the sculpting, with one Instagram user stating, “Not one of your best guys.”

Others made light of the figure’s appearance, referring to The Rock as “The Extra Smooth Filter.” Another fan joked that the statue seemed to have experienced food poisoning.

These comments highlighted the diversity of reactions to the sculpture, with some expressing disappointment and others making humorous comparisons.

Google Lens Gaffe

The wax figure also encountered an unexpected hiccup when an observer used Google Lens to identify the face.

Surprisingly, the lens recognized the statue as Channing Tatum, not Dwayne Johnson.

This amusing twist added another layer of amusement to the figure’s unveiling.

Dwayne Johnson’s Selection as a Museum Icon

It’s worth noting that Dwayne Johnson was chosen to join the ranks of celebrities immortalized in the Grevin Museum’s waxworks.

He triumphed over an impressive list of contenders, including Ariana Grande, Tom Holland, Zendaya, Dua Lipa, Elon Musk, Selena Gomez, Chris Pratt, and Margot Robbie.

While some fans may have reservations about the resemblance of the wax figure, it undoubtedly represents a significant recognition of The Rock’s enduring popularity.

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