Dwayne Johnson Hits In-N-Out for ‘First’ Time, Fans Laud His Vibes Despite the Familiar Trip

The Rock’s Repeat Visit

Dwayne Johnson, known for his charisma and social media presence, stirred excitement with another visit to In-N-Out Burger, calling it his ‘first ever’ experience.

This occasion marked his third documented visit to the popular burger chain, showcasing his affable interaction with staff.

Triple First-Timer?

Johnson’s Instagram clip captured his jovial encounter at the drive-thru, ordering while acknowledging his lack of familiarity with the process.

He expressed his appreciation for the positive energy of the employees and the ‘holy s*** it’s the rock’ reactions.

Familiar Grounds for Fans

While Johnson’s warm attitude towards In-N-Out’s staff earned admiration from fans, some couldn’t help but notice that this ‘first’ visit was not his first documented one.

Johnson had previously shared similar experiences at the burger joint in 2017 and 2022, seemingly relishing the atmosphere and the food.

Praise Amidst Memory Mishap

Despite the repetition in Johnson’s posts, fans commended his humble and friendly demeanor, praising him for his kindness and down-to-earth interactions with the restaurant workers.

Despite the apparent memory lapse, fans continued to celebrate Johnson’s character and approachability.

The Rock’s Epic Cheat Meal

In previous posts, Johnson had humorously documented his ‘cheat meal Sundays’ at In-N-Out, sharing his thoughts on the food and even providing insight into his dining experiences while enjoying items from his Teremana Tequila line.