Activist VeryDarkMan’s Warning to Happie Boys: Ungratefulness Won’t Be Tolerated

Controversial activist VeryDarkMan has issued a warning to Happie Boys, expressing his intent to take action against them if he encounters them in Abuja.

Allegations of Ingratitude:

The activist revealed that Happie Boys were very ungrateful to Daddy OPM after he provided them with a scholarship opportunity that took them out of the country.

Warning to Potential Helpers:

Upon learning that Happie Boys had returned to Nigeria, VeryDarkMan cautioned anyone else willing to assist them, highlighting their lack of gratitude after being aided.

Chastising Their Work Ethic:

He chastised Happie Boys for their refusal to work, particularly considering their previous employment as security guards at Chicken Republic before their overseas opportunity.

Accusations Against Daddy OPM: VeryDarkMan discussed how he paid someone to allege that Daddy OPM had impregnated her, claiming this was done to tarnish Daddy OPM’s image. He expressed disapproval of Happie Boys being involved in spreading such information.

Efforts to Assist: I

n an attempt to help the boys during their struggles abroad, VeryDarkMan stated that he reached out to them, asking for an apology to Daddy OPM and seeking donations from other well-meaning Nigerians.

Betrayal by Happie Boys:

Instead of cooperating, Happie Boys reportedly collaborated with Gistlover to expose VeryDarkMan’s nudes, which has led to his decision to take action against them now that they are in his city, Abuja.

Video Footage: The article mentions that there is a video related to this matter which can be watched for more details.

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