N23.48 Billion for National Assembly Members’ Housing Allowances Sparks Controversy

…By Dorcas Funmi for TDPel Media. Recent indications suggest that the Federal Government is set to allocate approximately N23.48 billion in housing allowances for members of the National Assembly throughout their four-year tenure.


These staggering figures, based on data obtained from the Revenue Mobilisation and Fiscal Allocation Commission (RMAFC), have raised concerns regarding the exorbitant expenditure.

Expenditure Breakdown and Details:

According to the information gathered, each year an estimated N5.87 billion would be allocated for accommodation expenses alone, resulting in a total expenditure of N23.48 billion over the entire four-year tenure.

The allowances encompass various categories, including accommodation (200% of basic salary), domestic staff (75% of basic salary), utilities (30% of basic salary), house maintenance (5% of basic salary), wardrobe (25% of basic salary), and furniture (300% of basic salary).


Allocation Figures for Senators and House of Representatives Members:

Based on the data obtained, it is estimated that the housing allowances for the 107 Senators, excluding the Senate President and Deputy Senate President whose figures were not disclosed, would cost approximately N1.38 billion annually.

The frequency of furniture allowance payment for National Assembly members is unspecified.

For members of the House of Representatives, the housing allowances would amount to N4.49 billion per year.

A breakdown reveals that accommodation is allocated N3.97 million, domestic staff N1.48 million, utilities N595,563.75, house maintenance N99,260.62, wardrobe allowance N496,303.12, and furniture allowance N5.96 million.

Opacity Regarding Key Positions’ Allowances:

The RMAFC document did not disclose the housing allowances for the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of both the Senate and the House of Representatives.


This lack of transparency leaves room for speculation and raises questions about the total amount allocated for housing allowances, as the figures provided cover only the 356 House of Representatives members.


The revelation of the substantial housing allowances for National Assembly members has ignited concerns over the sizeable financial burden placed on the Federal Government.

The lack of transparency regarding allowances for key positions further adds to the scrutiny surrounding this issue.

As discussions on fiscal responsibility and efficient allocation of resources continue, attention remains focused on the large sums being allocated for housing allowances within the National Assembly.


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