Crayon Opens Up About Family Hardships Before Fame in ‘Trench to Triumph’ Album

Crayon’s Revealing Account of Pre-Fame Struggles

Popular singer Crayon has recently shed light on the hardships his family endured before his rise to fame. Speaking about his latest album ‘Trench to Triumph’, he emphasized that the tracks encapsulate his real-life experiences, mirroring the trials he faced before achieving stardom.

A Tale of Family Resilience

The singer disclosed details about his family’s challenging past, reminiscing about their life in a tumultuous neighborhood.

They lived in a shared space where neighbors were in constant discord. To support their family, his mother dedicated nearly two decades of her life to selling fruits in Iyana-Iba, Lagos.

‘Trench to Triumph’: Crayon’s Personal Journey

Crayon highlighted that his album encapsulates his journey through challenging times, referring to the ‘trenches’ in his life.

However, he expressed gratitude for entering a phase where everything is on an upswing, signifying his triumphant era.

An Emotional Revelation

In a heartfelt disclosure, the singer shared a personal anecdote about his mother’s unwavering commitment to selling fruits for 19 years at Iyana-Iba.

This revelation emphasizes the depth of the struggles his family endured and their eventual triumph over adversity.

Watch Crayon’s Emotional Account

The singer’s emotional recounting of his family’s hardships and his mother’s perseverance is captured in a video where he passionately narrates the challenges they faced. His story stands as a testament to resilience and the pursuit of triumph in the face of adversity.