Mums Take Thrifty Trip to Marseille: Bag Return Flights for £17 and Pack in 72-Hour Adventure

Mums Take Thrifty Trip to Marseille: Bag Return Flights for £17 and Pack in 72-Hour Adventure

...By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media.

A group of resourceful mums embarked on an exciting 72-hour trip to Marseille, France, after securing return flights for a mere £17.


Anne-Marie Moss, accompanied by her friends Jill, Elisabeth, and Rachel, indulged in a sun-soaked getaway filled with exploration and fun.

Despite their limited budget, the group managed to enjoy a variety of activities, including cruising along the coastline, dining at a circus-themed restaurant, and taking a thrilling Segway tour of the city.

Budget-Friendly Expenses and Well-Planned Itinerary

With careful planning, the friends ensured an affordable trip without compromising on experiences.

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Each member contributed £97 for a two-night hotel stay, £20 for parking, and allocated £108 for food and activities.

Their well-managed finances allowed them to make the most of their time in Marseille while keeping costs in check.

A Series of Inexpensive Getaways for Anne-Marie

For Anne-Marie, this adventure marked her ninth inexpensive getaway in the past two years.


Her penchant for snagging affordable flights began with a trip to Kraków, Poland, with her daughter and friends, costing them only £16.

Since then, Anne-Marie has embarked on several budget trips to destinations like Romania and Palma, Spain, while also expanding her travel group to include more friends eager to join in the adventures.

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Unforgettable Moments and Plans for Future Travels

The Marseille trip brought numerous memorable moments for the group.

They relished a boat trip to the scenic Calanques National Park, explored the city on Segways, and visited notable landmarks such as Notre Dame and the cathedral.

Although their kayaking trip had to be canceled due to stormy seas, the friends are already looking forward to returning in June for another chance at kayaking and a sunset cruise.

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A Cost-Conscious Approach to Travel

Anne-Marie’s commitment to affordable travel is reflected in the comprehensive breakdown of expenses for her recent getaways.

By carefully managing flights, accommodations, and activities, she and her friends have made these excursions not only accessible but also enjoyable and adventurous.

The total cost of Anne-Marie’s various trips, including the Marseille getaway, amounts to £1,236, showcasing how smart planning and a sense of adventure can make travel dreams a reality for those on a budget.


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