The Ultimate Backpacking Guide: Choosing the Right Travel Bag for Your Adventure

The Ultimate Backpacking Guide: Choosing the Right Travel Bag for Your Adventure

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Exploring the Post-Pandemic World: Travel, Adventure, and Backpacking


The world is open again.

After a long period of restrictions and limitations, the opportunity to embark on holidays, long weekend breaks, and exciting journeys beyond our home countries has returned.

The prospect of exploring new places, savoring diverse cuisines, and connecting with people from different cultures fills us with anticipation and excitement.


A Chance for Real Travel Experiences

For many, this post-pandemic world presents the first opportunity in years to engage in genuine travel experiences.

It may be the moment to finally pursue that long-awaited gap year, take a career break, or dream about a sun-soaked sabbatical.

Perhaps this will be the summer you attend your very first festival, immersing yourself in the energetic atmosphere of live music and celebration.

Essentials for Backpacking Adventures


If you’re planning to embark on long-term travel or explore multiple destinations within a short timeframe, there are a few key items you’ll need before setting off.

Topping the list is a reliable backpack capable of comfortably carrying all your belongings while you traverse continents or roam through green fields.

Choosing the Right Backpack Size

When it comes to backpacking, a volume of anywhere between 60 to 70 liters is generally considered adequate.

This range allows for a condensed travel wardrobe, an extra pair of shoes, and a few creature comforts to enhance your experience away from home.


If you’re traveling during the winter months, it may be wise to opt for a slightly larger backpack to accommodate bulkier and heavier clothing items.

Important Features to Consider

Regardless of whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or automobile, it’s essential to select a backpack that offers comfort during extended periods of carrying.

Look for wide padded straps and familiarize yourself with the adjustment mechanisms before embarking on your journey.

Properly fastening the backpack using the hip belt, with the majority of the weight resting on your hips, will alleviate strain on your shoulders.


Compartments and Accessibility

Compartments are your new best friend when it comes to organizing your belongings.

Seek out a backpack with multiple exterior pockets that provide easy access to essentials such as your passport, tickets, and travel gadgets.

These pockets will not only simplify your access to important items but also help keep your bag organized, preventing the need to empty its entire contents each time you require something specific.

Utilizing packing cubes can further enhance organization by keeping similar items grouped together.


Additional Considerations

A backpack that includes a smaller detachable bag is a valuable extra, as it provides an option for day trips once you arrive at your primary destination.

Keep in mind that choosing the right backpack is an investment in your future travels, aiming for durability and longevity to accompany you on many adventures.

Exploring Backpack Options

To assist you in finding the ideal backpack for your backpacking journey, we have compiled a list of potential contenders.


These backpacks offer a range of features and designs to suit various needs and preferences.

Mountain Warehouse Nevis Extreme 65 + 15 Litre Rucksack: This backpack provides a wide zipped entry into the main compartment, allowing easy access to your belongings.

With a 65L main bag and an attached 15L mini day pack, it offers versatility and convenience for your travels.

Lixada Hiking Backpack 60L: Vibrant and lightweight, this backpack offers a spacious interior with breathable mesh padding, adjustable straps, and various compartments.

It is an excellent choice for camping, hiking, and festivals.


Forclaz Women’s Symbium 50 + 10L Rucksack: Originally designed for female trekkers, this pale blue backpack combines functionality and comfort.

Its carrying system is designed to ease the burden of heavy loads, making it suitable for longer-term backpacking adventures.

OEX Vallo 70 Rucksack: Designed for long-haul backpacking, this backpack provides up to 70L of storage space, divided between a 10L top pocket and the main compartment.

It features spongey straps, an adjustable harness system, and durable, water-resistant materials.

Doshwin 70L Backpack: Offering a large main compartment with a drawstring closure, this backpack includes multiple pockets for organized storage.


It even has a dedicated shoe pocket to keep your footwear separate from your clothes.

Remember to consider your specific needs and preferences when selecting a backpack.

Choose wisely, and you’ll have a reliable companion that will endure many years and miles of backpacking adventures.

Smaller Travel Bags for Day Trips and Festivals

In addition to a reliable backpack for your long-term adventures, having a smaller bag for day trips or shorter excursions can be incredibly useful.


Here are a few options to consider:

TOPO DESIGNS Mountain Pack 28L Walking Backpack: Widely recognized as one of the best carry-on travel backpacks available, this lightweight bag can hold up to 28 liters.

It offers ample storage, including a dedicated laptop sleeve, and features comfortable padding and straps.

Inateck 40L Travel Bag: If you prefer a do-it-all bag that works for hiking, shorter trips, and even business travel, this backpack is worth considering.

With its versatile carrying options and 40-liter capacity, it provides ample space for clothing, gadgets, and a padded laptop sleeve.


Rains Rolltop Rucksack: For a unique and weatherproof option, the Rolltop Rucksack from Danish company Rains is an excellent choice.

Its simple design, splashproof features, and various compartments make it practical for daily use and exploration.

Kapten & Son Bergen: If you seek sophistication and sleek design, the Kapten & Son Bergen backpack is a stylish option.

Made from vegan leather, it features a laptop compartment and multiple pockets, making it suitable for city breaks or business trips.

Eastpak Strapverz S: Combining the convenience of a suitcase and the flexibility of a backpack, this design is perfect for city hopping or interrailing.


With a clamshell zip system, multiple compartments, and the option to convert it into a compact shape, it offers versatility for different travel scenarios.

Whether you opt for a backpack or a smaller travel bag, selecting the right one will greatly enhance your travel experience.

Consider your specific needs, the duration of your trips, and the features that will provide the most convenience and comfort.

Happy travels and may your chosen bag accompany you on unforgettable adventures!


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