Thrifty and Nutritious: A Mum of Five Shares Budget-Friendly Food Tips

Thrifty and Nutritious: A Mum of Five Shares Budget-Friendly Food Tips

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Healthy and Cost-Effective Eating

Simone Roberts and her husband Mark are determined to provide their five children with a nutritious diet while also being mindful of avoiding food waste.

In light of the rising cost of living, the family has made significant changes to their eating habits, discovering both a healthier and more economical way of living.


Simone, who has children aged 10 to two, along with an older daughter who has moved out, emphasized their budget-conscious approach: “We’re doing everything on a budget now, we’ve even changed the way we eat.”

One of their clever strategies involves removing a staple food item from their food shop and opting for healthier and more affordable alternatives.

Replacing Cereal with Thrifty Alternatives

In their quest to cut down on expenses while maintaining a healthy diet, Simone and her family have bid farewell to traditional sugary cereals.

With seven family members, a box of cereal would disappear rapidly, costing them around £3 per day.


Simone noted that they prefer cereals with lower sugar content, which tend to be pricier granolas.

As a solution, she has turned to beans, lentils, and reduced fruit and vegetables near their sell-by date.

By soaking beans or lentils overnight or utilizing store cupboard ingredients like chickpeas, she concocts homemade houmous.

Their breakfasts have transformed into creative and nourishing dishes like soya Greek yoghurt with peanut butter and nuts and seeds, or sourdough bread paired with avocado, spinach, kale, and onions.

Innovative and Economical Breakfasts


The family now enjoys a variety of budget-friendly and inventive breakfast options.

Simone prepares veggie breakfasts by incorporating whatever vegetables are available in the fridge, such as broccoli and carrots, and adding them to a tortilla wrap.

They also relish vegan omelettes made from chickpea flour and seasoning.

These adjustments not only benefit their health but also significantly reduce their grocery expenses.

Simone reveals her secret to accessing affordable food items: she purchases from the reduced aisle in supermarkets and leverages food clubs that offer surplus stock from supermarkets at discounted prices, contributing to food waste prevention.


Saving for Experiences

Simone and Mark’s focus on budget-friendly groceries is driven by their desire to save money for meaningful experiences.

The family values the opportunity to explore new adventures and experiences, a luxury that would be less attainable if they spent all their money on supermarket purchases.

Simone emphasizes that their frugal approach isn’t solely about poverty but also about prioritizing savings.

By optimizing their food budget, they can create lasting memories through enriching experiences.



Simone Roberts’ practical and inventive approach to providing her family with nutritious meals while saving money is commendable.

Her dedication to avoiding food waste by repurposing reduced fruits and vegetables demonstrates an environmentally conscious mindset.

Moreover, Simone’s creative breakfast options show that healthy and delicious meals can be crafted on a budget.

Her emphasis on saving money for meaningful experiences highlights the importance of striking a balance between managing finances and making cherished memories as a family.


Simone’s strategies serve as a source of inspiration for others looking to stretch their budgets without compromising on health or enjoyment.

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