Mum’s Suspected Allergy to Nail Products Causes Inflammation and Pain, A Warning for Others

Mum’s Suspected Allergy to Nail Products Causes Inflammation and Pain, A Warning for Others

...By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

Lisa Dewey, a 36-year-old NHS cleaner, has developed a suspected allergy to nail products, causing her hands to become inflamed and her confidence to suffer.


Lisa had been getting her nails done regularly for years without issue.

However, in February, a set of gel nails became inflamed and began peeling away from the nail bed.

At the time, it was diagnosed as a bacterial infection, and Lisa was given a steroid cream and antibiotics to fight it.

Allergic Reaction and its Impact

However, last month, after getting a set of acrylic nails, Lisa found herself in pain again.

Her nails became “very aggravated,” and she could barely move her hands due to the pain.

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As a result, she struggled with everyday tasks such as washing her daughter’s hair, holding a pen, and washing up.

She believes that she can never have gel or acrylic nails again due to the suspected allergy.

Lisa’s Experience with Nail Products

Lisa had never experienced any issues with nail products before this year, despite getting her nails done regularly for years.

She first noticed a reaction after getting gel nails applied in February.

Her nails began peeling up from the nail bed, and one even turned purple, while the others became itchy and sore.

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She was prescribed antibiotics for what seemed to be an infection.

Confidence and Warning for Others


Lisa’s experience with nail products has knocked her confidence, and she now hides her hands away.

She has vowed to stay away from nail products for good and warns others that even if they have been getting their nails done for years without any issues, they could develop an allergy.

She wants to raise awareness of the issue and its impact on people’s lives.


Allergies to nail products are not uncommon, and many people develop them after years of using such products without any issues.

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It is crucial to be aware of the symptoms of an allergic reaction, such as inflammation, peeling, itchiness, and soreness, and seek medical advice if necessary.

Allergic reactions can cause significant pain and discomfort and affect a person’s confidence and ability to carry out everyday tasks.

Lisa’s experience highlights the importance of listening to our bodies and being aware of changes in our health.


It also emphasizes the need for caution when using products that come into contact with our skin, as even seemingly harmless products can cause allergic reactions.

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