Mum on Mumsnet Seeks Advice as She Confesses Disliking Neurodivergent 10-Year-Old

Mum on Mumsnet Seeks Advice as She Confesses Disliking Neurodivergent 10-Year-Old


In a heartfelt and candid post on Mumsnet, a mum has bravely shared her innermost struggles and emotions regarding her relationship with her 10-year-old neurodivergent son.

The woman confesses that she often finds herself disliking him due to his challenging behavior and seeks advice from fellow parents as she anticipates the upcoming half-term break.

The Cry for Advice:

Taking to Mumsnet, the concerned mother titled her post “I dislike my child,” unveiling the emotional turmoil she experiences in her role as a parent to a neurodivergent son.

She describes how the challenges began early, with the child displaying defiance, rudeness, and cheekiness since he could talk.

Seeking solace and advice, she shares her exhaustion, constant corrections, and the strain on their relationship.

Struggles of Constant Correction:

The mum paints a poignant picture of her daily struggles, constantly telling her son off, correcting him, and feeling the weight of exhaustion.

Despite having a supportive husband, she expresses the unique difficulties she faces, mentioning how her son’s behavior is better for her husband, leaving her to bear the brunt of the challenging behavior.

Half-Term Dread:

As the half-term break approaches, the mum expresses her dread, revealing that her son already faces a screen ban due to his behavior.

She anticipates battles over getting dressed and leaving the house, expecting complaints throughout their park visit.

The mum also shares her concerns about potential disruptions and harm to his siblings during outings, further contributing to her emotional struggles.

Supportive Responses:

In response to the mum’s heartfelt post, fellow mothers on Mumsnet offer understanding, compassion, and support. Some share similar experiences, relating to the difficulties of parenting neurodivergent children.

One respondent empathizes with daily challenges, while others suggest alternative approaches to modifying behavior, emphasizing positivity and understanding the unique needs of neurodivergent children.


The mum’s brave admission sheds light on the often overlooked challenges of parenting neurodivergent children.

As the Mumsnet community rallies around her, offering support and advice, it underscores the importance of fostering empathy and understanding for parents navigating the complexities of raising neurodivergent kids.

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