Multilingual Opus Dei Member Embarks on Priesthood Journey: A Testament to God’s Will

A Life Devoted to God’s Will:

Able to communicate in five languages, Sarraf shared his life goal of doing God’s will in whatever form it presented itself.

In the early years, this commitment led him to engage in diverse projects, apostolic activities, and construction endeavors for Opus Dei’s missions.

The multifaceted nature of his work evolved over the last four to five years, with a growing emphasis on preparing for the priesthood.

Crystallizing the Decision:

Sarraf’s definitive decision to become a priest took shape in 2017, prompting him to relocate to Spain for a master’s degree in theology at the University of Navarre.

Subsequently, he pursued a doctorate in spiritual theology in Rome in 2020.

His transition to priesthood was seen as a natural continuation of his dedication to serving God within the framework of Opus Dei.

A Priest’s Primary Goal:

According to Sarraf, the primary objective of a priest is to serve others, bringing them closer to God and helping them discover God’s love in their daily lives.

As he embarked on this sacred journey, many reached out to him for prayers, forming a testament to the communal support and spiritual connections he has cultivated.

Bringing God’s Love to All:

Sarraf emphasized that the priest’s role extends beyond specific religious affiliations.

Drawing inspiration from the Gospel, he highlighted the inclusivity of the Christian message, stressing that a priest should welcome and guide everyone, irrespective of their faith background.

The priest, according to Sarraf, acts as a bridge between humanity and God, facilitating the discovery of peace and love in people’s lives.

The Universal Mission of a Priest:

In closing, Sarraf emphasized that a priest’s duty is to help everyone, not limited to Catholics or Christians.

Reflecting the example set by Jesus in the Gospel, the priest’s mission is universally inclusive.

The priest, as described by Sarraf, welcomes all and endeavors to lead every individual to discover God’s love and their corresponding response to that love.

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