Spokesman for Archdiocese Speaks Out on Escalating Church Robberies in San Luis Potosí

Rising Concerns in San Luis Potosí:

The Archdiocese of San Luis Potosí has voiced its apprehension regarding an ongoing surge in thefts targeting churches across the Mexican state.

Father Tomás Cruz Perales, serving as the spokesman for the Archdiocese, conveyed these concerns in a statement to ACI Prensa, emphasizing the need to address the escalating incidents.

Common but Insignificant Thefts:

Father Cruz acknowledged that thefts from churches have been a persistent issue, primarily involving minor incidents where thieves seek money from the poor box.

Describing the situation as one linked to individuals attempting to fulfill immediate needs, potentially related to substance abuse or day-to-day survival, Father Cruz noted that, in most cases, the thefts have been relatively inconsequential.

Confrontations Turning Violent:

Expressing his regret over the situation, Father Cruz highlighted that, in some instances, confrontations with the offenders have escalated, leading to attacks on sacristans.

The thieves, driven by their immediate needs, have responded violently when confronted during their attempts to pilfer from the churches.

Sacrileges and Serious Incidents:

While most incidents involve minor thefts, Father Cruz drew attention to a few serious sacrileges where sacred objects have been vandalized or destroyed.

In a notable case at St. Philip of Jesus Church on the outskirts, significant religious artifacts, including chalices, ciboriums adorned with precious stones, patens, microphones, wiring, and video cameras, were stolen.

Comments on the Disturbing Trend:

The escalating crimes, ranging from minor thefts to serious sacrileges, paint a concerning picture for the Archdiocese of San Luis Potosí.

Father Cruz’s remarks shed light on the complexities of the situation, emphasizing the immediate needs driving some individuals to commit these acts and the unfortunate turn of confrontations becoming violent.

Urgent action and heightened security measures may be necessary to safeguard the sanctity of these places of worship.

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