Mr. Jollof Vows to Expose Club and Lounge Owners Selling Counterfeit Drinks, Calls for Consumer Protection

…By Dorcas Funmi for TDPel Media. Controversial media personality, Freedom Atsepoyi, popularly known as Mr Jollof, has recently issued a stern warning to club and lounge owners who are involved in selling counterfeit beverages to their customers.


Mr Jollof’s threat came after he was admitted to an undisclosed hospital due to consuming alleged fake drinks, which exacerbated his health condition.

Exposing the Lounge:

In an online video that circulated widely, the show promoter criticized the lounge where he purchased the counterfeit drink that negatively impacted his well-being.

Mr Jollof revealed that he is an ulcer patient and blamed the lounge for providing him with a drink that triggered his ulcer.

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Expressing his disappointment, he vowed to report all clubs and lounges involved in selling fake drinks to the relevant authorities.

He emphasized the need for proper follow-up and investigation of these cases.

Concern for Customer Health:

Questioning the ethics behind selling fake drinks, Mr Jollof emphasized that clubs and lounges make significant profits and should not compromise their customers’ health.


He pointed out that some patrons may have pre-existing health issues, making it even more crucial for establishments to ensure the authenticity and safety of their beverages.

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Mr Jollof condemned the practice of prioritizing profits over the well-being of customers.

Reporting and Consequences:

Promising to take decisive action, Mr Jollof stated that he would report any club or lounge selling fake drinks to the appropriate authorities.

He asserted that such establishments would face potential closure as a result.

Expressing his determination, Mr Jollof stressed that he would personally ensure that the case receives the necessary attention and investigation.

Accountability and Soul-searching:

In his passionate plea, Mr Jollof highlighted the hypocrisy of club and lounge owners who blame the government while engaging in unethical practices themselves.

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He condemned the darkness of their souls for knowingly endangering their customers’ lives by selling fake liquor.

Through his public statement, Mr Jollof aimed to hold these owners accountable for their actions and raise awareness about the issue.



Mr Jollof’s strong stance against club and lounge owners selling fake drinks underscores the importance of prioritizing consumer safety and ethical business practices.

His threat to expose such establishments serves as a warning to the industry, urging accountability and emphasizing the potential consequences for those involved in these deceptive practices.

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