Mother-of-Three Claims £100,000 Victory After Rejecting Boss’s ‘Naughty’ Advances and Securing Compensation

Mother-of-Three Triumphs in £100,000 Payout in Sex Harassment Battle

In a groundbreaking legal victory, Louise Crabtree, a mother-of-three, has secured a £100,000 compensation payout after being terminated from her £124,000-a-year job for rebuffing inappropriate advances from her boss, Marc Bandemer, 59.

Persistent Advances and Adoring Messages

The employment tribunal revealed that Bandemer, a finance businessman, persistently pursued Crabtree with adoring messages, referring to her as his ‘second wife’ and showering her with compliments, including praise for her ‘candy toes.’

Despite being married, Bandemer’s relentless attempts to establish a romantic relationship failed.

Humiliation and Demeaning Behavior at Workplace

Crabtree detailed the humiliation and degradation she endured, with Bandemer using derogatory terms like ‘girl,’ ‘brat,’ and ‘naughty’ in front of colleagues to reinforce his perceived ownership of her.

The tribunal heard incidents of physical contact, including pulling her onto his lap and offering to buy them a ‘love nest’ in Cyprus.

Fears of Job Security and Subsequent Demotion

Despite feeling ‘totally helpless,’ Crabtree hesitated to object strongly due to her position as a single mother dependent on her income.

As Bandemer’s advances intensified, she explicitly asked him to stop, but her objections resulted in demotion and dismissal. The tribunal found she was effectively ‘ousted from the boys club’ for rejecting advances.

Legal Triumph and Compensation

Following a successful sexual harassment lawsuit, Crabtree has been awarded £99,214 in compensation. The employment judge condemned Bandemer’s behavior, emphasizing that his actions were unacceptable.

The ruling recognized the gender-specific language used by Bandemer and affirmed that the harassment was linked to Crabtree being a woman.

Gender-Specific Language and Harassment

The tribunal highlighted Bandemer’s use of gender-specific language like ‘girl,’ ‘honey,’ ‘wife,’ and ‘naughty,’ emphasizing that such language would likely not be directed at a man.

The judge condemned Bandemer’s behavior, stating that the harassment endured by Crabtree was inextricably linked to her gender.

Judicial Critique and Compensation Rationale

The employment judge, James Dawson, noted that Bandemer’s behavior was not acceptable and explicitly connected to Crabtree’s gender.

The £100,000 compensation was awarded due to a sustained period of harassment where Crabtree’s requests for Bandemer to stop were not respected, emphasizing she did not bring the situation upon herself.

Workplace Scandal and Gender-Based Discrimination

The landmark case sheds light on workplace harassment, with the judge concluding that Crabtree’s treatment was a result of her gender.

The ruling sets an important precedent for addressing gender-based discrimination and harassment in professional settings.

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