Moroka Swallows charged with misconduct for failing to honour fixtures against Sundowns and Arrows

Moroka Swallows charged with misconduct for failing to honour fixtures against Sundowns and Arrows

Moroka Swallows, a prominent presence in South African football, has found itself entangled in charges of misconduct and tarnishing the league’s reputation.

The Premier Soccer League (PSL) Disciplinary Committee initiated these charges in response to Moroka Swallows’ failure to fulfill their last two DStv Premiership fixtures in 2023.

Root Cause: Unpaid Player Salaries:

The unexpected absence from the scheduled matches stems from a dispute over unpaid salaries owed to the players, revealing an underlying financial strain within the club.

Fixture Failures:

Moroka Swallows’ failure to honor fixtures against formidable opponents, Mamelodi Sundowns FC and Golden Arrows FC, prompted the disciplinary action.

The repercussions of these no-shows extend beyond the sporting arena, raising concerns about the club’s commitment to fulfilling its obligations within the league.

Statement from PSL Prosecutor Zola Majavu:

PSL prosecutor Zola Majavu officially addressed the charges, confirming Moroka Swallows Football Club’s indictment for misconduct and bringing disrepute to the league.

The PSL Disciplinary Committee has scheduled the club’s appearance on January 11, 2024, at 11:00 am to address these charges at the league offices.

Majavu clarified that any updates on the outcomes of the disciplinary proceedings would be provided only after the matter’s resolution on January 11. Until then, a restrained commentary approach has been adopted.

Swallows’ Apology and Fixture Cancellations:

In light of the unresolved dispute and subsequent fixture cancellations, Moroka Swallows issued a public apology to all affected parties, including fans.

The statement expressed regret for the cancellation of games against Mamelodi Sundowns FC and Golden Arrows FC.

The apology acknowledges the impact of these cancellations on various stakeholders associated with the club.


As Moroka Swallows faces the impending disciplinary proceedings, the charges reflect not only the club’s on-field commitments but also shed light on the broader financial challenges affecting the players.

The outcome of the disciplinary hearing will likely influence the club’s standing within the league and may necessitate a reevaluation of financial practices to ensure sustained participation and reputation in South African football.

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