Record-breaking day saw more than 870 migrants cross the Channel via small boat.

Record-breaking day saw more than 870 migrants cross the Channel via small boat.

On Saturday, the biggest daily total of migrants to cross the English Channel in tiny boats this year was recorded.

According to the most recent estimates from the government, some 872 persons made the crossing in 15 different tiny boats.
According to pirogues, there are roughly 58 individuals in each vessel.
As of this writing, the preliminary figure for small boat arrivals in 2023 is 20,973.

The yearly record number of crossings was established on August 10 with 756 persons making the journey.

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There have been fewer travelers so far this year than at the same point last year, when 25,000 had made the trip.
As of August 22, 2022, 1,295 remains the all-time day high since records began in 2018.

Including the 300 migrants that came on Tuesday, a total of 1,172 persons have arrived this week. On only two of the six days, crossings were spotted.
Pictures from the Channel demonstrate that people traffickers continue to display callous disdain for human life by sending ever-more-fragile boats into one of the world’s most perilous trade corridors.

There are dozens of people crammed into a single dinghy. They are sitting on the floor, leaning on the sides, and even hanging from the front.
The Labour Party says Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has failed to control the number of people crossing the English Channel, despite his promise to do so.

(Gareth Fuller/PA) / PA Wire Channel crossings continued

On Monday, Home Secretary Suella Braverman told Sky News that the Home Office is looking “at all options” to address immigration, and that she would not rule out electronically tagging those who enter in order to save money on imprisonment.
The numbers for Sunday’s border crossings will be released the following Monday.
According to the most recent figures from the Home Office, the total number of arrivals for 2016 was 45,774, up from the 2015 figure of 45,755.

This comes after a record number of migrants crossed the Channel in August, with 5,369 making the trip in 102 boats, or an average of about 53 migrants per vessel.
Analysis of preliminary government data shows that this is the highest monthly average since records began in 2018.

We are seeing an unprecedented burden on our asylum system as a result of the intolerable amount of people risking their lives by undertaking these risky crossings,” said a Home Office spokesperson.Our Small Boats Operational Command, in conjunction with our French allies and other authorities, is working to halt the boats carrying illegal immigrants.Our unlawful Migration Act goes much farther by requiring the immediate detention and removal of unlawful immigrants upon their arrival in the United Kingdom.