Driver arrested and convicted for manslaughter after he knocked down a pedestrian in ‘panic’

Arrest of Driver in Fatal Pedestrian Incident

A driver, Luke Dann, found himself in tears as he was arrested inside a Costa Coffee shop after a fatal incident involving a pedestrian. Dann, aged 37, wept and appeared bewildered as he was handcuffed following an incident in which he drove over David Kelly, 42, resulting in fatal injuries. Dann’s arrest came after his conviction for manslaughter, although he was cleared of murder after a trial at Plymouth Crown Court.

Incident Details and Legal Proceedings

The incident occurred after an encounter between Mr. Kelly and Dann in Plymouth, Devon, in which Mr. Kelly, described as “off his head” and erratic, was allegedly seeking drugs. Dann had claimed that he was the victim of an attempted robbery at the scene and characterized Mr. Kelly’s death as an accident, denying both murder and manslaughter charges.

Prosecutors contended that Dann had intentionally driven over Mr. Kelly, knowing the consequences of his actions. However, Dann maintained that he had not intentionally tried to harm anyone. He reported the incident to emergency services, stating that he had been attacked and was in a state of panic.

Witness Accounts and Pathologist’s Findings

Witnesses at the scene provided varying accounts of the incident, with some describing Mr. Kelly as aggressive and erratic. A pathologist determined the cause of death to be multiple injuries, including severe brain injuries and a skull fracture caused by a vehicle wheel passing over Mr. Kelly’s body.

Arrest and Legal Proceedings

After leaving the scene, Dann drove to a nearby Costa Coffee, where he reported being attacked. Police officers subsequently arrived and arrested him on suspicion of murder. During his arrest, Dann repeatedly asked, “What are you doing to me?”

Sentencing Pending

Sentencing for Luke Dann has been adjourned until a later date. The jury’s verdicts were reached after two and a half days of deliberation. The Senior Crown Prosecutor for the CPS South West expressed that Dann’s reckless behavior had cost Mr. Kelly his life and emphasized the importance of responsible driving.


The incident and subsequent legal proceedings underscore the serious consequences of reckless behavior behind the wheel and the need for accountability in such cases.

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