Minnesota Woman Chases Bear to Save Her Dog in Dramatic Maple Grove Encounter

Minnesota Woman Chases Bear to Save Her Dog in Dramatic Maple Grove Encounter

A woman in Minnesota sprang into action when a black bear started chasing her dog, Zeus. Fearing for his life, she ran after them without hesitation.

Unexpected Encounter with Wildlife

Bailey Jacobson was leaving her house in Maple Grove with her family dog, Zeus, on Tuesday night when they encountered an unexpected group of visitors.

A home security camera captured the moment when Zeus trotted toward a mama bear rummaging through a garbage can with her three cubs nearby.

A Terrifying Moment Caught on Camera

As Zeus approached, the cubs ran away while Jacobson, trailing behind, was unaware of the situation. When she saw the mama bear, she let out a blood-curdling scream.

The bear began to follow Zeus down the driveway. Jacobson, after a brief pause, chased after them, and they disappeared from sight.

Instinctive Reaction to Protect a Beloved Pet

Jacobson explained to KARE 11 that her natural instinct was to protect Zeus at all costs.

“As a worried pet owner, you think, okay, what do you do? Do you have a fight-or-flight instinct?” She felt she couldn’t live with herself if something happened to him.

A Narrow Escape

When Jacobson was about 50 feet away from the bear, she realized the danger and quickly retreated to her house without Zeus.

She waited anxiously on her screened-in porch until, minutes later, Zeus emerged from the woods, seemingly unharmed.

Frequent Wildlife Encounters in Maple Grove

Maple Grove’s 70,000 residents often encounter wildlife. The Minnesota Department of Natural Wildlife has even labeled the state as “bear country” due to the frequent presence of black bears.

Managing Bear Encounters

While black bears are generally cautious, conflicts can arise when they interact with domestic pets or damage property.

The agency advises Minnesotans to limit “bear attractants” like birdseed, dog food, trash, and grill grease to prevent bears from becoming a nuisance.

Guidelines for Safe Bear Encounters

The agency instructs people to back away slowly if they encounter a bear and not to run. If the bear approaches, they should raise their voice to scare it away.

If the bear does not leave, more aggressive actions like shouting, banging pots, or throwing objects may be necessary.

Reflecting on the Experience

Jacobson acknowledged that chasing after the bear was not the safest choice but affirmed she would do it again to protect her dog.

“I think any pet owner would agree, you would do anything for your dog, and if that means chasing a bear down and making as much noise as possible, I think you would do it,” she said.

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