Michaela Strachan Reveals BBC’s Decision to Cancel Autumnwatch

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Michaela Strachan Opens Up About BBC’s Decision to Cancel Autumnwatch

Television presenter Michaela Strachan has discussed the BBC’s decision to cancel Autumnwatch after 17 years.


With Springwatch set to return on May 29, Michaela shared her thoughts on the broadcaster’s choice during an appearance on ITV’s Loose Women.

When asked by Jane Moore why Autumnwatch was axed, Michaela explained that budget constraints played a significant role, as the BBC faced financial challenges and had to prioritize content with the highest impact.

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She noted that the decision was made to invest more in Springwatch, which holds a special place in her heart due to its focus on wildlife stories.

Michaela Strachan Talks Blended Family and Successful Partnership

During the interview, Michaela also touched on her blended family and the secret to her successful partnership with partner Nick Chevallier.

Having been together for over 20 years, Michaela highlighted the importance of independence and spending time apart as a part of their relationship’s strength.

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She emphasized that some individuals need their own space and independence, and it works well for them as a couple.


Michaela further discussed how blending their families, with Nick having children from a previous marriage and their own child together, created a strong sense of unity and turned them into a great blended family.

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