Former Royal Butler Claims King Charles Has ‘Element of Jealousy’ in Relationship with Princess Kate

Former Royal Butler Claims King Charles Has ‘Element of Jealousy’ in Relationship with Princess Kate

...By Lola Smith for TDPel Media.

According to Paul Burrell, Princess Diana’s former butler, there is an “element of jealousy” within King Charles’s relationship with Princess Kate.


Burrell suggests that the King resents the media attention focused on his late ex-wife, and may also feel similarly when the spotlight diverts to Princess Kate.

This discussion of King Charles’s jealousy echoes previous comments made by Diana herself during her 1995 interview with the BBC.

 Acknowledgment of Kate’s Importance to the Future Monarchy

Paul Burrell, speaking on GB News, further stated that while Charles may feel an “element of jealousy” over Kate’s prominence at the Chelsea Flower Show, he recognizes her significance for the future of the monarchy.

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Burrell emphasizes that King Charles accepts Kate and William as the best individuals for the role and understands their role as the successors in line with his own reign.

Historical Rivalry and Charles’ Perspective on the Future

Burrell refers to the past rivalry between Charles and Diana, with Charles being envious of Diana’s popularity and feeling overshadowed by her rising star.

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Burrell recounts an instance where Charles allegedly told Diana, “I married you and made you royal, without me, you’d be nobody.”


Regarding Charles and Kate’s relationship, Burrell suggests that there is still some jealousy in the King, but he also recognizes the importance of looking towards the future.

Charles believes that Kate and William are the best suited individuals for the role, as they are set to inherit the responsibilities once he steps down from the throne.

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Kate’s “Overshadowing” at Chelsea Flower Show

Recent reports indicated that Kate “overshadowed” Charles during her surprise visit to this year’s Chelsea Flower Show.

The Princess joined a children’s picnic and toured the showground with a group of youngsters, highlighting her commitment to introducing gardening and nature into the lives of more children.

A royal courtier expressed disappointment that Charles’s visit with Queen Elizabeth received less media coverage than expected, but hoped they were not too disheartened by it.


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