Outgoing First Lady Aisha Buhari Calls for Recognition of First Ladies’ Contributions

Outgoing First Lady Aisha Buhari Calls for Recognition of First Ladies’ Contributions

...By Henry George for TDPel Media.

Outgoing First Lady Aisha Buhari has expressed the belief that wives of former Presidents should enjoy the same treatment and privileges as their husbands after leaving office.


Speaking at the launch of a book authored by the President of DEPOWA, Mrs. Vickie Anwuli Irabor, in Abuja, Mrs. Buhari highlighted the benefits and privileges that former Presidents receive, such as pensions, allowances, vehicles, sponsored trips, and medical treatments.

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She emphasized that former first ladies should also be granted similar privileges, considering the pressures and criticisms they face while leading the country.

A Pleading for Recognition and Support

Addressing the audience, Mrs. Buhari shared her personal experience, stating that she became a first lady when her husband was the President and will soon assume that role again as her husband’s term comes to an end.

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She urged authorities to acknowledge the contributions and sacrifices of first ladies and incorporate them into the framework that provides privileges to former Presidents.

Mrs. Buhari emphasized that these privileges are well-deserved and necessary for the former first ladies, who play a significant role in supporting their husbands and facing the challenges of leadership.

Commendation for the Book’s Importance

Mrs. Buhari commended Mrs. Vickie Irabor for authoring a factual and emotional book that she believes will help officers’ wives navigate their lives.

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She recognized the book as a valuable guide and reference for military wives, particularly during times of insurgency and security challenges.

Mrs. Buhari highlighted the importance of supporting military widows and stated that the book’s insights would provide readers with a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by military families.

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