Meghan Markle Captures Prince Harry’s Sit-Skiing Moment in Whistler – Royal Rebrand Amid Invictus Games Spotlight

Meghan Markle Captures Prince Harry’s Sit-Skiing Moment in Whistler – Royal Rebrand Amid Invictus Games Spotlight

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made a delightful public appearance, marking their first since the royal rebrand, as they embraced Valentine’s Day in Canada.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, currently in Whistler, British Columbia, are showcasing their support for the Invictus Games, featuring winter sports for the first time.

Skiing Shenanigans: Harry Tries Sit-Skiing

In a lighthearted moment, Prince Harry, accompanied by a film crew, attempted sit-skiing, one of the winter sports featured in the upcoming Invictus Games.

Meghan Markle couldn’t contain her laughter as she filmed her husband’s amusing endeavors.

The couple’s carefree attitude on the slopes was evident, with Meghan playfully sharing the moment with friends.

Valentine’s Day in Whistler: The Royal Couple’s Radiant Presence

Amidst controversies surrounding their website and Harry’s recent visit to London following King Charles’s cancer diagnosis, the royal duo appeared unfazed during their Valentine’s Day excursion.

Meghan, dressed in skinny white jeans and a stylish sweater, radiated glamour, showcasing her £140,000 engagement ring.

The outing marked their first public appearance as a couple since King Charles’s health revelation.

Whistler Welcomes: Interactions with Athletes and Serenades

Prince Harry engaged in conversations with adaptive skiers, trying out sit-skis, standing skis, and interacting with visually impaired athletes.

A group serenaded the couple with ‘God Save The King,’ demonstrating a warm reception from the Whistler community.

Despite recent controversies, the couple seemed warmly received during their visit.

The Controversy: Website Relaunch and Criticisms

The visit to Whistler comes amidst the ongoing controversy surrounding the relaunch of the website.

Critics argue that the couple’s use of royal titles and connections for commercial purposes may be in breach of agreements with the Queen.

The website emphasizes Harry’s environmental efforts and Meghan’s philanthropy, sparking renewed calls for the removal of their titles.

Future Plans and Podcast Deal: Meghan’s New Venture

Meghan’s announcement of a new podcast deal with Lemonada Media was revealed on the same day as their arrival in Canada.

The couple is expected to conclude their trip in Whistler before returning to Vancouver and eventually heading back to California.

Meghan’s podcast deal has sparked discussions about the couple’s strategic moves post-Spotify and their attempts to rebuild their public image.

Controversies and Criticisms: The Royal Couple’s Complex Narrative

The couple’s recent controversies, including the debacle and Harry’s brief London visit, have fueled debates about the true nature of their royal connections and their attempts at a relaunch.

Critics argue that monetizing these connections may jeopardize their titles, adding a layer of uncertainty to their public standing.


As Meghan and Harry navigate the slopes of Whistler, their public appearance brings a mix of joy, controversies, and ongoing debates about their post-royal endeavors.

The couple seems determined to balance moments of normalcy with the complexities of their evolving public narrative.

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