Tragic Misdiagnosis: Toddler’s Death in Turkey Sparks Outcry Over Medical Error

Tragic Misdiagnosis: Toddler’s Death in Turkey Sparks Outcry Over Medical Error

In a heart-wrenching incident, a two-year-old girl from Jersey, Isla Sutcliffe, tragically lost her life while on holiday in Turkey.

The devastating turn of events was attributed to a doctor’s alleged misdiagnosis, which failed to identify appendicitis, ultimately leading to fatal sepsis.

A family friend shared the heartrending account of the young girl’s ordeal.

Family Holiday Turns Tragic

Isla Sutcliffe, along with her parents and sister, embarked on a family holiday to Turkey.

However, what should have been a joyful time turned into a nightmare when Isla fell seriously ill during the trip.

Concerned for their child’s well-being, Isla’s parents sought medical assistance at their hotel.

Misdiagnosis Amidst Concern

A family friend revealed that the doctor at the hotel diagnosed Isla with tonsillitis, dismissing her ailment as a throat-related issue.

Isla’s mother, who had noticed the child’s distressing tummy pain, expressed her concerns about the diagnosis. Unfortunately, the doctor’s evaluation left a critical condition undetected.

Worsening Condition and Desperate Measures

As Isla’s condition deteriorated the following day, and with their scheduled flight home pending, Isla’s parents, Ryan Sutcliffe and Laura Carolan, decided to take her to a hospital.

To their shock, they encountered the same doctor from the hotel at the hospital.

Despite Isla’s worsening state, the clinician reportedly insisted that she could be discharged and given Nurofen to continue their journey back to the Channel Islands that very night.

A Tragic Turn of Events

The situation took a devastating turn at the airport, as Isla’s health rapidly declined. She was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, where it was finally diagnosed as appendicitis and sepsis.

Tragically, her appendix had already ruptured, leading to the unimaginable.

Community Support and GoFundMe Campaign

In the wake of this heartbreaking loss, family friend Taylor Kearns organized a GoFundMe campaign to support Isla’s family.

The campaign has garnered over £20,000 in support of the grieving family. Kearns emphasized the need to ease the financial burden during such a challenging time.

Demand for Answers and Accountability

The circumstances surrounding Isla’s tragic passing have ignited a call for answers and accountability. In a foreign country, away from their family and friends, the family believes that proper medical care and accurate diagnosis could have saved Isla.

The misdiagnosis and inadequate medical care have underscored the need for justice and transparency in this devastating case.

FCDO Involvement

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) has acknowledged the tragic incident and is providing assistance to the family of the British child who lost her life in Turkey.

The heartbreak of Isla’s passing has touched the hearts of many, leading to a collective effort to support her family in their time of need.