McDonald’s Faces Backlash After Asking Man with Assistance Parrot to Leave

In a distressing incident at a McDonald’s branch in Stoke, a man named Jason Russell faced humiliation when he was asked to leave the restaurant because he had his assistance parrot, Miley, with him.


Mr. Russell visited the fast-food establishment with his partner, friend, and eight-year-old grandchild, and they all ordered their meals together.

However, after they finished eating, the staff asked them to vacate the premises, leaving Mr. Russell feeling embarrassed and frustrated.

Miley: A Trusted Companion:

Miley, a white ducorps cockatoo, serves as Mr. Russell’s assistance animal, aiding him in managing social anxiety and other health conditions resulting from a rare genetic illness.

Miley is usually kept in a specialized carry cage during outings, and Mr. Russell treats her like a guide dog.


She has a calming presence and helps him navigate challenging social situations.

Many places have welcomed Miley, understanding her role as an essential support for Mr. Russell’s well-being.

The Unpleasant Encounter:

At McDonald’s, Mr. Russell and his group had no issues when they entered the restaurant, ordered their meals, and began eating.

The floor staff initially paid no attention to Miley’s presence, with one of them even engaging in conversation with Mr. Russell’s eight-year-old granddaughter.

However, after they finished eating, a staff member approached them and informed them that having Miley in the restaurant was not allowed due to hygiene concerns.


An Inadequate Explanation:

Despite keeping Miley in her carry cage throughout the meal, the staff remained adamant about their decision.

Mr. Russell felt embarrassed and awkward, surrounded by numerous onlookers.

He wished that a manager had approached him to discuss the situation, as he could have explained Miley’s role as a therapy animal.

Unfortunately, this did not happen, and Mr. Russell was left without a chance to clarify his situation.

The Impact on Mr. Russell’s Health:

Miley’s presence is crucial for Mr. Russell, as she helps alleviate the effects of his genetic illness, which includes chronic pancreatitis, heart disease, depression, and anxiety.


He shared that going out can be overwhelming for him, and social situations can be challenging.

Miley’s presence and interaction with people act as a therapeutic aid, making social encounters more manageable.

Mr. Russell deeply values Miley’s role as his trusted companion and considers her like a guide dog.

Seeking Understanding and Training:

Following the incident, Mr. Russell has filed an official complaint with McDonald’s.

He believes that such situations could be handled better if the staff had better awareness and training on hidden disabilities, mental health, and the significance of therapy animals.


Mr. Russell emphasizes that there are various therapy animals, including cats, dogs, and birds, that play vital roles in supporting individuals with mental health conditions.

Proper communication and understanding could have avoided the unpleasant encounter and subsequent expulsion from the restaurant.

McDonald’s Response:

A spokesperson for McDonald’s expressed regret for the incident and stated that their team had spoken to Mr. Russell about his parrot.

However, the restaurant had not received any official documentation or clear information about Miley’s assistance animal status.

McDonald’s assured that their customer service team is in touch with Mr. Russell to provide further support and address the issue.



The incident at McDonald’s highlights the importance of fostering better understanding and awareness regarding hidden disabilities, mental health, and the role of therapy animals.

It serves as a reminder that businesses and their staff should be trained to handle such situations with empathy and compassion, ensuring that customers with assistance animals are treated with respect and dignity.


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