Alarming Study Reveals 1 in 10 Holiday Rental Owners Secretly Installing Cameras in Properties

Alarming Study Reveals 1 in 10 Holiday Rental Owners Secretly Installing Cameras in Properties

A recent study has shed light on a disturbing trend in the holiday rental industry.


According to the research conducted by Vivint, it was discovered that an alarming one in ten holiday rental owners, particularly on platforms like Airbnb, have resorted to installing hidden cameras or microphones in their properties.

Shockingly, seven percent of these hosts had placed security cameras in at least one bedroom.

Their reasoning for such invasive measures was to monitor and catch potential instances of bad behavior among their guests.

Hosts Justification and Motivation:

The study further revealed that approximately 36 percent of hosts decided to implement these privacy-breaching safeguards after experiencing disorderly behavior from their guests in the past.


Instances of rental homes being vandalized, property damage, and theft were cited by 50 percent, 50 percent, and 47 percent of hosts, respectively, as their reasons for taking such drastic measures.

Guests’ Perspective:

The invasion of privacy caused by hidden surveillance in holiday rentals has not gone unnoticed by the guests.

In fact, a staggering 86 percent of guests surveyed in the Vivint poll consider it a significant violation of their privacy.

The study also found that the mere presence of surveillance cameras is enough to deter 76 percent of potential guests from choosing a holiday rental as their accommodation.

Divided Perspectives:

The research highlighted a profound divide between the opinions of hosts and guests regarding the acceptability of hidden cameras.


While Airbnb’s guidelines clearly state that all security cameras or recording devices in or around a listing must be indicated, some hosts seemingly choose to breach these rules knowingly.

The discrepancy in viewpoints becomes apparent when one in three owners admitted to vetting potential guests by checking their social media profiles before accepting bookings.

Impact on Guests:

The consequences of such privacy breaches can be severe.

A case in point is an American couple from Maryland who discovered what they believed to be a recording device in their Airbnb rental.

This unnerving experience led them to file a lawsuit against the property owner, citing emotional distress and loss of dignity as the outcomes of the incident.



The findings of this study raise critical concerns about the state of privacy in the holiday rental industry.

As hidden surveillance becomes increasingly prevalent, both hosts and guests must be aware of the ethical implications and adhere to the guidelines set forth by rental platforms like Airbnb.

Only by respecting privacy boundaries can the trust and integrity of the holiday rental experience be preserved for all parties involved.


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