MATT LONDON: White House memo orders every US media to make report on Biden Impeachment process accusing ‘liars and hucksters’

White House’s Attempt to Influence Media Reporting

In September 2023, a White House memo drew attention as it instructed U.S. media on how to cover the Biden impeachment process. The memo accused those reporting differently of spreading disinformation, leading to questions about its intentions.

Press Independence Defended

Critics argued that the memo’s tone and content signaled a disregard for the independence of American media. It was seen as an attempt to control the narrative surrounding the impeachment inquiry.

Resistance to Government Directives

The memo’s directive faced resistance from media outlets and journalists who firmly believe that they don’t take orders from those in power. The independence of the press is a fundamental principle in American journalism.

Suspicion Surrounding the Memo

Given the 14-page length and the language used in the memo, it raised suspicions among media professionals. Some viewed it as an effort to intimidate and silence critical reporting.

Disinformation Concerns

The memo invoked the term ‘disinformation,’ a buzzword that has been used in various contexts. It raised concerns about how such language could impact free speech and the media’s role as a watchdog.

History of ‘Disinformation’ Claims

The memo reminded some of past incidents where ‘disinformation’ was employed to dismiss unfavorable reporting, such as the controversy surrounding Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 election.

Hypocrisy Highlighted

Critics pointed out perceived hypocrisy in the memo’s language, given that it accused others of ‘liars and hucksters’ peddling disinformation while highlighting instances where Joe Biden’s statements appeared inconsistent.

Media Scrutiny and Accountability

Ultimately, the memo aimed to influence media reporting on the impeachment process. However, it faced scrutiny and resistance from those who believe in the media’s role as a source of transparency and accountability in government.

A Call for Genuine Transparency

The memo raised questions about the Biden administration’s commitment to transparency and truth, with critics arguing that it fell short of the promise to share the truth even when it’s challenging.


The White House memo’s attempt to shape media reporting on the Biden impeachment process ignited controversy and debate, highlighting the importance of press independence and the role of the media as a watchdog in American democracy.