Bombshell Memo from Prominent Democrats Suggests Joe Biden Should Step Down in Favor of Blitz Primary in Chicago

Bombshell Memo from Prominent Democrats Suggests Joe Biden Should Step Down in Favor of Blitz Primary in Chicago

Imagine a scenario where President Joe Biden steps down from the 2024 race.

Sounds wild, right? Well, that’s precisely the idea being floated by two prominent Democrats in a recent memo that’s causing quite a stir.

Rosa Brooks, a law professor with ties to the Obama and Clinton administrations, and Ted Dintersmith, a venture capitalist with a history of supporting Democratic campaigns, have proposed a dramatic plan.

They suggest that Biden should step down by mid-July to allow other Democrats to jump into a rapid primary.

The plan aims to feature celebrities like Taylor Swift and Oprah as moderators, making it a star-studded affair.

The essence of their plan is a ‘blitz primary’ where potential candidates would have a few days to declare their intentions.

The top six candidates, based on delegate votes, would then commit to a positive-only campaign leading up to the convention.

Weekly forums, moderated by cultural icons such as Michelle Obama, Oprah, and Taylor Swift, would give voters a chance to see these candidates in action.

The grand finale? The new nominee would be chosen through a ranked-choice voting system by delegates before the Democratic National Convention in Chicago on August 19.

The reveal would be a grand spectacle, with Biden, former President Barack Obama, and former President Bill Clinton all on stage.

Of course, the plan isn’t without its hurdles.

Biden has not indicated any willingness to step down, and there are concerns about Vice President Kamala Harris’s role under this new system.

Despite these challenges, Brooks and Dintersmith argue that this bold move could energize the party and attract massive donations.

Despite the hurdles, the memo has gained significant support from Democratic donors and officials within the Biden campaign.

Brooks claims nearly universal backing from those who received the memo, suggesting a readiness among party leaders if Biden agrees.

Biden’s Current Struggles

The push for Biden to step down gained momentum after his lackluster performance in the CNN debate on June 27.

His frequent pauses and off-target gazes during the debate fueled doubts about his fitness for another term.

Post-debate, his one-on-one interview with George Stephanopoulos failed to reassure even his own party members, with many expressing dismay and concern over his performance.

Calls for Withdrawal

As of now, at least 10 Democrats have publicly called for Biden to withdraw from the race.

Prominent figures like Judiciary Ranking Member Jerry Nadler and House Veterans’ Affairs Committee Ranking Member Mark Takano have voiced their concerns.

Additionally, Sen. Mark Warner is reportedly organizing discussions among Senate Democrats about Biden’s future.

Biden’s Campaign Continues

Despite these calls, Biden is pressing on with his campaign, recently appearing at events in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

His remarks at these events, including a light-hearted comment about ice cream, have drawn mixed reactions from attendees.

The Path Forward

Whether this audacious plan will come to fruition remains uncertain.

It depends heavily on Biden’s willingness to step aside and the readiness of the Democratic Party to embrace such a radical change.

But one thing is clear: this proposal has sparked a significant conversation about the future of the Democratic ticket and the 2024 election.

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