House GOP Cracks Open the Biden Family Vault in Formal Impeachment Inquiry

House GOP Cracks Open the Biden Family Vault in Formal Impeachment Inquiry

House GOP Launches Formal Impeachment Inquiry into President Biden

Democrats Object, Republicans Cite Obstruction and Unanswered Questions

In a party-line vote, the House of Representatives voted 221-212 to formally launch an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

Republicans allege connections and potential financial gain from his son Hunter’s business dealings in Ukraine, China, and Romania.

This move opens the door for Congress to obtain more evidence and documents related to these allegations.

Bidens’ Records and Communications Now Open to Subpoenas

The formal inquiry grants Republicans broader subpoena power to access the Bidens’ bank records, mortgage details, emails, text messages, and mobile phone data.

The White House has previously stonewalled requests for such information, claiming they are unnecessary and politically motivated.

Republicans assert this vote was crucial to overcome such obstruction.

Hunter Biden Defies Subpoena, Republicans Move for Contempt

Earlier in the day, Republicans moved to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress for defying a subpoena to testify.

Hunter, instead, delivered an emotional five-minute address defending his father and admitting past struggles with addiction.

He then departed Capitol Hill without providing closed-door testimony as required.

Access to Documents and Witnesses Remains a Point of Contention

While the National Archives has provided tens of thousands of documents and several witnesses have cooperated, Republicans claim there’s more to see.

They demand access to President Biden’s emails under a pseudonym, details of Hunter’s 2014 and 2015 taxes, and information regarding potential involvement in Hunter’s business ventures.

Focus on Ukraine and Potential Pressure on Prosecutor

Republicans specifically point to President Biden’s alleged pressure on Ukraine to fire Viktor Shokin, the prosecutor investigating Burisma, a company Hunter was involved with.

They also cite testimony suggesting Joe Biden was in contact with Hunter’s business partners on multiple occasions.

Emotional Defense from Hunter Biden, Republicans Unconvinced

Hunter Biden, in his public address, admitted to past financial mismanagement due to his addiction but denied any involvement of his father in his business dealings.

Republicans remain skeptical, citing unanswered questions and inconsistencies in Hunter’s statements.

The Impeachment Inquiry: Next Steps and Uncertainties

The formal impeachment inquiry marks a significant escalation in the ongoing political battle between Republicans and the Biden administration.

With access to more evidence and potential witness testimonies, the coming weeks and months will be crucial in determining the scope and potential outcomes of this investigation.


House Republicans launched a formal impeachment inquiry into President Biden.

The inquiry focuses on potential connections to Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

Republicans demand access to more documents and witnesses.

Hunter Biden defied a subpoena and delivered an emotional public address.

The inquiry’s trajectory and potential outcomes remain uncertain.

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