Former Washington, D.C. Metro Transit Police Officer Andra Vance Sentenced to Prison for Unlawful Beating of Unarmed Rider

Former MTPD Officer Andra Vance Sentenced for Unlawful Beating

Andra Vance, a former Metro Transit Police (MTPD) Officer in Washington, D.C., has been sentenced to one year and one day in prison, along with one year of supervised release.

This comes as a result of Vance’s unlawful beating of an unarmed transit rider with a metal baton on February 16, 2018.

Justice Department Stance on Officer Accountability

Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke from the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division emphasizes that this sentencing serves as a clear message that officers abusing their authority will face accountability, whether their actions occur on public streets or within public transit systems.

The department pledges to vigorously prosecute law enforcement officers who willfully violate the civil rights of community members.

U.S. Attorney Highlights Significance of Punishment

U.S. Attorney Matthew M. Graves for the District of Columbia emphasizes the gravity of Vance’s violent and brutal beating of a citizen.

He acknowledges the exemplary duties performed by the majority of officers in the District and underscores the damage caused when officers betray their positions, eroding the trust the community should have in public servants.

Strong Condemnation from MTPD Chief

MTPD Chief Michael Anzallo strongly condemns any officer’s abuse of authority, particularly when it involves excessive force.

He views Vance’s actions as an aberration, expressing that such incidents go against the dedication of MTPD officers who work to keep the transit system safe.

Immediate action was taken to relieve Vance of his duties and investigate the matter.

Incident Details and Trial Outcome

During Vance’s trial in November 2022, evidence revealed that the victim, identified as D.C., attempted to use an invalid Metro card at the Anacostia Metro station.

Following a confrontation, Vance, without legal justification, used his metal baton to strike D.C. in the head.

The victim, who posed no threat, was chased and further assaulted by Vance. A fellow officer testified that D.C. was not a threat at the time of the incident.

Metro Transit Authority Investigation

The Metro Transit Authority conducted an investigation into the case, leading to Vance’s prosecution.

Trial Attorney Maura White of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division and Assistant U.S. Attorney Gauri Gopal for the District of Columbia handled the prosecution.

The article concludes by highlighting the collaborative efforts to bring justice for the criminal act, reinforcing the principle that no law enforcement officer is above the law.

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