Mark Lyttleton: Clean Seas Seafood – Overview

Mark Lyttleton: Clean Seas Seafood – Overview

Mark Lyttleton is an angel investor and business mentor with a particular focus on early-stage businesses that aim to have a positive planetary impact.

This article will look at the work of Clean Seas, a seafood company that is a global leader in sustainability, managing its farming operations to global best practice standards in order to grow a world-class, premium quality Kingfish industry while protecting marine habitats.

Despite being a culinary favourite in numerous other countries worldwide, Kingfish was little known in Australia in 2002. This is where Clean Seas stepped in, farming the species in its native southern Australian waters. With a heritage stretching back centuries in Japan, Kingfish is recognised in many international cuisines today.

Clean Seas’ Kingfish is predominantly used for sushi and sashimi in the Japanese and global markets. Meanwhile in Italy, where it is known as ‘Ricciola’, the fish is popular in tartare and carpaccio dishes. In Peru, ceviche has to be made with Kingfish to be considered authentic.

In Hawaii, Kingfish is a favourite for the country’s famous ‘poke bowls’. From Australia to Europe and the Americas, Clean Seas’ Kingfish is a high-quality centrepiece for a variety of different dishes today, the company striving to make this delicious fish available to homes around the world.

Also known as Yellowtail, Kingfish is a member of the Seriola family, which also includes Kampachi and Hamachi.

In Japan, Kingfish is regarded as the best of them all, a preference supported by the fish’s unique combination of firmness and richness whether served cooked or raw, along with its remarkable ability to hold its colour.

Fed by Southern Ocean currents, the Spencer Gulf boasts some of the cleanest waters in all of Australia, making it a prime location to raise Kingfish.

With no farmlands surrounding it or rivers feeding it to it, the risk of chemical run-off and pollution is effectively eliminated, providing the perfect environment for Clean Seas to raise its Kingfish in peaceful and pristine surroundings prior to harvesting.

Clean Seas has received certification from the Aquaculture Stewardship Council, the world’s leading aquaculture certification scheme.

Today, the Aquaculture Stewardship Council label is only shown on food sourced from farms that have been independently certified as being both socially and environmentally responsible.

In addition, Clean Seas has also been recognised as a Sustainable Seafood ‘Friend of the Sea’. As the only commercial producer of Kingfish in Australia, Clean Seas is committed to containing to play an important role in helping to satisfy the growing international demand for premium fish.

Clean Seas strives to continuously improve standards throughout the industry, actively partnering with local communities and working towards putting in place environmental practices that are sustainable in all aspects of its operations.

Having maintained a long history of proactive compliance with state-based and legislative monitoring programme requirements, Clean Seas operates one of the world’s leading aquaculture research facilities.

Its hatchery at Arno Bay supports a rigorous research and development programme implemented by Clean Seas’ inhouse team of researchers working in partnership with industry-leading research bodies.

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