Margot Robbie opens up about her celebrity crushes, admitting to harboring significant crush on Aragorn

Margot Robbie, the renowned Hollywood beauty, recently opened up about her celebrity crushes.

In a video interview with her co-star Ryan Gosling for W magazine, Margot admitted to once harboring a significant crush on Aragorn, the iconic character from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

She shared how the bearded character, played by Viggo Mortensen, captured her attention during her viewing of the fantasy epic.

  • Aragorn’s Allure

In the interview, Margot acknowledged the plethora of crushes she has had over the years but highlighted Aragorn as the one that stands out.

Ryan, initially puzzled, sought clarification, questioning if Margot was referring to the character from JRR Tolkien’s books, who is notably much older. However, Margot clarified that her crush was on Viggo Mortensen’s portrayal of Aragorn in the film adaptation.

  • A Playful Exchange

The playful banter continued as the interviewer teased Margot about not having a crush on one of Ryan’s earlier roles, particularly referencing his 90s TV series Young Hercules.

Margot, with a giggle, dismissed the suggestion, affirming that her crush on Aragorn took the lead, albeit playfully acknowledging Ryan’s role in Young Hercules as a “close second.”

  • The Notebook’s Emotional Impact

While Ryan may not have made it to Margot’s crush list, she did express deep emotions for his film “The Notebook.”

When asked about movies that make them cry, Margot revealed that “The Notebook” always brings tears to her eyes, regardless of how many times she watches it.

The 2004 romantic drama, featuring Ryan and Rachel McAdams, has remained a tearjerker for audiences over nearly two decades.

  • Disagreements on Saddest Films

In a humorous twist, Ryan, who co-starred with Margot as Ken in the Barbie movie, had a different perspective on the saddest movie.

He argued that, instead of his own film, “The Elephant Man” from 1980 held the title for the saddest movie in his opinion.

  • Tears and Laughter

As the interview unfolded with laughter and light-hearted exchanges, Margot and Ryan showcased their camaraderie, providing fans with a glimpse into their playful dynamic.

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