Meet the ‘Margot Robbie 2.0’: Erin Bauer’s Stunning Resemblance to the Aussie Star

Introducing the ‘Margot Robbie 2.0’: Erin Bauer’s Resemblance to the Aussie Star

It has been nearly a decade since Margot Robbie captivated audiences with her performance in Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

However, it seems that a new blonde bombshell has emerged on the scene, and her name is Erin Bauer. Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, this 20-year-old has garnered significant attention on TikTok, boasting an uncanny resemblance to the Australian sensation, Margot Robbie.

A Second Generation Margot?

Erin’s stunning looks have led her online admirers to declare her as even “finer” than her Australian doppelganger.

Some have gone so far as to dub her a “second generation Margot,” a title that underscores her striking resemblance to the actress.

However, the surge in attention has brought its own set of challenges, particularly from amorous admirers attempting to connect with her.

Erin’s Strong Message to Online Admirers

In response to the overwhelming number of fans sliding into her direct messages, Erin addressed the situation directly.

She wrote, “‘Can I have your sna-,'” alluding to the numerous inquiries she receives regarding her Snapchat handle. With blunt candor, Erin provided a resolute response: “Not a chance.”

In a Relationship Announcement

Erin further disheartened numerous fans by revealing that she is already in a relationship. While her uncanny resemblance to Margot Robbie has garnered her a substantial following, Erin’s personal life is already taken.

Her message to potential suitors was clear: she’s off the market.

The TikTok Sensation’s Rise to Fame

Erin’s journey to social media stardom began in 2021 with a makeup video that paid homage to Margot’s character, Naomi Lapaglia, from “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

The video went viral, amassing over 2.3 million views, 228,000 likes, and an outpouring of compliments from her growing fanbase.

The Resemblance That Stuns the Internet

Erin’s followers have been quick to point out her remarkable resemblance to the acclaimed actress. Many have expressed disbelief, with comments such as “So you’re telling me this isn’t Margot Robbie?” and “You don’t look like Margot Robbie, Margot Robbie looks like you.”

The online comparisons have even led some to assert that “Margot wishes she looks this good.”

Erin’s Tribute to Margot Robbie

Beyond her portrayal of Naomi Lapaglia, Erin has also taken on other iconic Margot Robbie roles. To celebrate the release of the Barbie movie in July, she recreated a famous scene featuring the doll.

Dressed in a low-cut pink silk blouse and straight-cut jeans, Erin emulated the doll’s elegance as she slipped into her high heels, just as Margot did in the movie.

Erin’s social media journey continues to captivate audiences, and her uncanny likeness to Margot Robbie remains a constant source of admiration and intrigue for fans around the world.