Love Island All Stars’ Hannah Elizabeth Turns Heads in Sheer Cut-Out Dress

Love Island All Stars’ Hannah Elizabeth Turns Heads in Sheer Cut-Out Dress

Hannah’s Risqué Fashion Choice:

In the latest episode of Love Island All Stars, Hannah Elizabeth, a former participant on the show, almost bared it all in a daring fashion moment.

The hit ITV series, hosted by Maya Jama, took an unexpected turn during its Wednesday (January 17) installment, featuring Hannah’s sensational entrance in a sheer cut-out green dress.

Glammed Up for the Night:

As the ladies prepared for the evening, Hannah rushed in, donning the eye-catching attire that left little to the imagination.

The see-through ensemble showcased her famous curves, adding an element of cheekiness to the episode.

Wardrobe Contemplations:

Despite looking sensational, Hannah seemed to have second thoughts about the risqué number.

In a candid moment, she contemplated ditching her knickers, jokingly questioning, “Right, I can’t wear these knickers, can I?”

Her Love Island co-star suggested going knickerless, but Hannah responded with humor, stating, “No, I can’t; my fanny will be out!”

Fan Reactions:

Viewers of the show quickly reacted to Hannah’s witty one-liner, expressing their amusement on social media platforms.

Fans on X (formerly Twitter) praised her humor, with comments like “She is so funny” and “Hannah cracks me up.”

Hannah’s Love Island Journey:

Hannah Elizabeth, a beloved figure among fans, first graced Love Island when the series was revived in 2015.

Known for her past as a Playboy bunny, she continues to captivate audiences with her bold and glamorous appearances.

Glamorous Comeback:

In the latest episode, Hannah made a memorable comeback, stealing the spotlight in a lime green one-piece bikini that accentuated her surgically enhanced assets.

Viewers couldn’t help but share their thoughts on social media, with comments ranging from admiration to distraction.


Hannah Elizabeth’s fashion choices and humorous moments contribute to the allure of Love Island All Stars, creating buzz and engaging fans on social media.

The episode’s cheeky turn and fan reactions highlight the show’s ability to generate excitement with unexpected twists and standout personalities like Hannah.