Man Posed as Police Officer to Pull Over Female Driver

Man Posed as Police Officer to Pull Over Female Driver

...By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

Chris Green, a security guard, pretended to be a police officer, using blue lights to stop a lone female driver on a quiet country lane near Corsham, Wilts.


Green claimed that he worked for “law enforcement” and was “undercover”.

He accused the woman of driving dangerously and remonstrated with her.

However, he left quickly after noticing that the woman’s child was also in the car.

The victim reported the incident to the police, who arrested Green two days later.

Handcuffs were found in his car door pocket, and a baseball bat was discovered in his boot.

Green pleaded guilty to impersonating a police officer in Swindon Magistrates Court.

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He switched on the blue lights in his vehicle for security work when he is on private land.

His defence claimed that he did not intentionally impersonate a police officer and that the handcuffs are used for security work, which he is trained to use.

His sentencing has been adjourned for a pre-sentence report.

Analysis and Commentaries:

The case of Chris Green is concerning, as it raises questions about the safety of lone drivers, particularly women, who may be vulnerable to attacks from individuals posing as police officers.

Green’s use of blue lights to pull over the victim was highly deceptive and could have caused her harm.

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His possession of handcuffs and a baseball bat in his car raises further concerns about his motives and intentions.

The victim’s report of the incident to the police is commendable, as it enabled them to arrest Green quickly and investigate further.

The police’s advice to individuals who are unsure about the identity of a person claiming to be a police officer is to call 101 immediately to check their identity.


If a crime is in progress, individuals should call 999.

The adjournment of Green’s sentencing for a pre-sentence report indicates that the court is taking this incident seriously and recognises the potential harm that could have been caused to the victim.

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Green’s use of blue lights and possession of handcuffs and a baseball bat suggest that he may have intended to harm the victim.

Tthis case highlights the need for greater awareness about the risks of impersonation by individuals posing as police officers.

The public should be aware of the appropriate procedures for verifying the identity of police officers and reporting any suspicious incidents to the police immediately.


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