Man Faces Dilemma as Fiancée Admits to Cheating with Multiple Men

Man Faces Dilemma as Fiancée Admits to Cheating with Multiple Men

The Unveiling of a Painful Truth

A man has found himself in a dilemma after discovering that the lady he intends to marry cheated on him with four different men during the 9 months he was away.

From Dating to Marriage Plans

The man revealed that he had been dating the girl for quite some time when he opened up on his decision to get married to her.

He stated that she demanded he come to her parents’ place to get introduced to her parents before he leaves the country.

A Shocking Confession

Nine months after he returned, he suspected that something had happened during his absence, and she confirmed sleeping with four men.

This revelation shattered his trust and broke his heart.

The Apology and Begging

He said that the lady has been consistently calling his mom and family members to apologize and ask for forgiveness.

Seeking Advice and Guidance

His story read: “Pls admin approve there is this lady I was dating and we agreed to marry before I traveled out, but she said I must come and see her parents for introduction before I travel so that she will know I am serious, which I did before I traveled…

I spent 9 months and came back only for me to suspect her, and she confirmed she cheated with 5 different men…

she has been begging and calling my mum and her family members to beg me to forgive her… should I trash her away or forgive her and continue with her? Please advise me, I am confused…”