Shocking Allegations: Husband Accused of Drugging Wife for Multiple Rapes by Over 80 Men

…By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media. A man from France has been accused of a heinous crime involving drugging his wife and orchestrating a series of rapes, with at least 83 men implicated in the assaults.


This disturbing incident unfolded through the man’s interactions on an internet forum known as “à son insu,” meaning “without him/her knowing,” where individuals discuss engaging in non-consensual sexual acts with their partners.

Drugging and Rape Allegations:

The accused husband allegedly spiked his wife’s evening meal with a potent drug prior to the arrival of his guests at their residence in France.

These guests, reportedly contacted through the aforementioned online forum, were said to have participated in the rape of the man’s incapacitated wife.


Disturbingly, police have identified 92 instances of rape committed by 83 men against the woman.

Identification of Suspects:

While the investigation is ongoing, authorities have managed to identify 51 suspects ranging in age from 26 to 73.

These individuals have been charged with rape and are presently in custody awaiting legal proceedings.

The remaining suspects are still being pursued by law enforcement.

Discovery of Filmed Evidence:

During an unrelated investigation, law enforcement authorities made a shocking discovery.


They stumbled upon footage of the rapes, which had been meticulously stored in a USB drive under a file named “abuses.”

This evidence provides further weight to the allegations made against the accused husband and his accomplices.

Devastating Impact on the Victim:

Upon learning about the existence of secret recordings capturing the heinous acts perpetrated against her while she was unconscious, the woman experienced profound distress.

She expressed feelings of extreme despair and suicidal thoughts, describing herself as nothing more than an object to her husband.

Furthermore, the victim reported frequently feeling fatigued, and subsequent medical examinations revealed that she had contracted four sexually transmitted diseases, adding to her ordeal.


Future Legal Proceedings:

While the investigation into this disturbing case continues, plans for a trial are underway, with the possibility of it commencing next year.

The legal process aims to bring justice to the victim and hold all responsible parties accountable for their abhorrent actions.


This deeply unsettling case highlights the alleged actions of a husband who stands accused of drugging his wife and enabling numerous men to sexually assault her.

The discovery of recorded evidence, the identification of suspects, and the devastating impact on the victim emphasize the severity of the crimes committed.

As the legal proceedings progress, efforts are being made to address the traumatic experiences endured by the victim and ensure that those involved face appropriate consequences for their abhorrent behavior.



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