Missouri Fire Captain’s Second Fiancée Dies from Drug Intoxication, Resurfacing Questions about Prior Fiancée’s Death

In a tragic turn of events, Dr. Sarah Sweeney, the girlfriend of a Missouri fire captain, was discovered lifeless in her fiancé Robert Daus’s suburban St. Louis home on January 13.

The St. Louis County Medical Examiner’s Office recently disclosed that the 39-year-old doctor’s cause of death was drug intoxication, with Oxycodone, Gabapentin, and Diphenhydramine found in her system.

The circumstances surrounding her death remain undetermined.

Reopened Investigation and a Troubling Pattern

Following Sweeney’s demise, authorities decided to reopen the investigation into the 2020 death of Grace Holland, Daus’s previous fiancée, who died from a gunshot wound.

Holland’s death, initially ruled a suicide, is now under active scrutiny. This marks the second death linked to Daus, a captain at the Maryland Heights Fire Department.

Daus, aged 50, has not been named a suspect in either case and vehemently denies any involvement in their deaths.

Sweeney’s Background and Meeting with Daus

Originally from West Virginia, Sweeney moved to Missouri to establish her podiatry practice in Creve Coeur. Daus and Sweeney reportedly crossed paths when she worked an emergency room shift shortly after relocating to St. Louis.

Described as vibrant and outgoing, Sweeney’s obituary highlighted her love for animals and her resilience against physical pain resulting from Perthes Disease, diagnosed at the age of six.

Disturbing Claims and Legal Battles

Federal court filings reveal Sweeney’s distressing claims about Daus, describing him as ‘suspected of murdering a previous girlfriend.’

These allegations emerged as part of a lawsuit she filed against her former employer, Best Foot Forward, in November 2022.

Emails obtained from Sweeney to a friend detailed her struggles, including homelessness, financial setbacks, and difficulties securing employment due to her association with Daus.

Legal Battles and Family’s Allegations

Holland’s family initiated a wrongful death lawsuit, asserting Daus’s liability for her death, alleging psychological and physical abuse.

Despite being labeled a suicide by the medical examiner, her family contests this conclusion, pointing out inconsistencies, such as the left-handed gunshot wound contradicting her right-handedness.

Ongoing Probe and Daus’s Denials

Daus, who has never been charged in connection with the deaths, continues to deny any involvement. The investigations into both cases remain active, leaving families seeking closure and answers in the wake of these tragic events.

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