Lord Cromer’s Disapproval – A Father’s Critique on Lady Venetia Baring’s Tatler Feature

Lord Cromer’s Disapproval – A Father’s Critique on Lady Venetia Baring’s Tatler Feature

Lady Venetia Baring, the proclaimed ‘new It-Girl’ featured on Tatler’s cover, faces familial criticism from her father, Lord Cromer, as he disputes statements attributed to his late mother regarding Princess Diana.

The publicized letter to The Times reveals the strained relationship and sparks speculation about the motivations behind Lord Cromer’s public disapproval.

The familial disagreement becomes a matter of public scrutiny, shedding light on the complexities of aristocratic relationships and the consequences of media attention.

Disputed Tatler Excerpt:

Lord Cromer targets a specific excerpt from Tatler where Lady Venetia allegedly quotes Lord Cromer’s late mother, the Dowager Countess of Cromer, expressing a negative opinion about Princess Diana.

Lord Cromer vehemently denies the likelihood of such remarks, emphasizing his mother’s loyalty and discretion during her service to the late Queen.

The focus on the disputed excerpt highlights the potential impact of media portrayal on family dynamics and reputation.

Questioning Lady Venetia’s Claims:

Lord Cromer questions Lady Venetia’s credibility, asserting that his mother, who served the Queen for 17 years, would not make derogatory comments about a member of the Royal Family.

He deems it ‘alien’ for his mother to discuss such matters, especially with Lady Venetia, who was born after Princess Diana’s death.

Lord Cromer challenges Lady Venetia’s statements, emphasizing the improbable nature of the alleged conversation and questioning her motives.

Potential Communication Breakdown:

The letter hints at a potential breakdown in communication, with Lord Cromer expressing disapproval through a public platform.

The reference to Lady Venetia blocking most of her family on Instagram suggests a strained relationship that extends beyond the disputed Tatler feature.

Lady Venetia’s Current Lifestyle:

Details about Lady Venetia’s current life in South London with her boyfriend, Sasha Zhovtobryukh, and her affinity for tattoos add context to Lord Cromer’s disapproval.

The mention of her father’s strict stance on tattoos and the potential disownment adds a layer to the familial tensions.

Lady Venetia’s lifestyle choices become part of the narrative, offering insights into the generational clash and differing values within the aristocratic family.

Trinny Woodall’s Milestone Birthday:

A brief interlude shifts the focus to Trinny Woodall, celebrating her 60th birthday.

The mention of her success in the makeup industry adds a lighter element to the narrative.

The inclusion of Trinny Woodall’s birthday celebration provides a contrast to the familial tensions, offering a momentary break from the intense scrutiny.

In conclusion, Lord Cromer’s public critique adds a layer of drama to Lady Venetia Baring’s featured profile, revealing deeper familial issues and prompting reflections on the impact of media portrayal on aristocratic relationships.

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