Dolly Parton Reveals Grandfather’s Disapproval of Her Provocative Outfits

Dolly Parton’s Provocative Fashion Choices

Dolly Parton, renowned as the Queen of Country, has always been recognized for her distinctive style, marked by flamboyant attire, extravagant hairstyles, and striking red nails.

At 77 years old, she openly admitted that her fashion sense was shaped by a local figure she referred to as the “town tramp” in Tennessee.

This influential individual, described as “nothing but trash,” sported towering high heels, form-fitting skirts, bold red lipstick, and daring low-cut tops.

Conflicting Opinions on Dolly’s Style

While Dolly Parton expressed her individuality through her audacious fashion choices, her religious grandfather held a very different perspective.

She revealed that her preacher grandfather was far from pleased with her provocative outfits and, at times, took disciplinary measures, including physical punishment, when she resisted his conservative expectations.

Dolly’s Sensitivity to Discipline

Recalling those moments, Dolly shared her sensitivity to discipline, emphasizing the emotional impact of being scolded or whipped for her clothing choices.

She expressed her reluctance to conform to prudish demands, as she found such punishments deeply hurtful.

Decades of Daring Fashion

Dolly Parton, a 10-time Grammy winner, acknowledged that her fashion journey has taken her to some truly unconventional places over the years.

She proudly declared that her hairstyles, in particular, have always pushed the boundaries of convention.

Facing Criticism from All Sides

Criticism of her bold fashion sense extended beyond her family, reaching the public and even record label executives.

Dolly revealed that detractors often advised her not to appear “cheap” and warned her that she would never be taken seriously in the industry.

These comments highlighted the challenges she faced in maintaining her unique style.

Staying True to Herself

Despite facing criticism from her family, strangers, and industry professionals, Dolly Parton remained resolute in staying true to herself.

She recalled her mother’s advice to “be true to thine own self,” and she firmly adhered to this principle throughout her career.

Dolly expressed her unwavering commitment to authenticity, valuing it as a core aspect of her identity and success.

Dolly’s Authenticity

Throughout her life and career, Dolly Parton’s authenticity has remained a guiding principle.

She emphasized that staying true to oneself was a value instilled in her by her mother, a principle she held in high regard.

This unwavering commitment to authenticity has been a defining characteristic of her remarkable journey.