Sadiq Khan Advocates for Youth Mobility Agreement with EU and Suggests Rejoining Customs Union in Brexit Critique

Sadiq Khan Advocates for Youth Mobility Agreement with EU and Suggests Rejoining Customs Union in Brexit Critique

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has intensified his critique of Brexit, calling for a youth mobility agreement with the European Union (EU) and suggesting the reconsideration of rejoining the customs union.

Khan’s latest remarks reflect his concerns about the negative impact of what he terms the Tory Government’s ‘extreme hard Brexit.’

London Mayor Criticizes Tory Government’s ‘Extreme Hard Brexit’

Sadiq Khan, seeking a third term in the upcoming mayoral election, has expressed dissatisfaction with the consequences of what he perceives as an ‘extreme hard Brexit’ imposed by the Conservative Party.

The mayor criticizes the impact on young people, particularly in their ability to move abroad for work and study.

Khan Supports Youth Mobility Scheme and Customs Union Reevaluation

In his proposal to address the challenges faced by young people post-Brexit, Khan suggests either implementing a bespoke new scheme for youth mobility or making changes to post-Brexit visa rules.

Additionally, he recommends reconsidering the decision to leave the Erasmus scheme, emphasizing the economic, cultural, and social benefits of a youth mobility plan.

Sadiq Khan Challenges Labour’s ‘Omerta’ on Discussing Economic Reintegration

Khan’s criticism extends beyond the Conservative government to include Labour’s ‘omerta,’ or pact of silence, on discussing potential economic reintegration with Brussels.

He challenges the party’s stance and suggests that re-entering the customs union should be on the table when the Brexit deal undergoes review in 2024.

Conservative Response to Khan’s Proposals: Accusations of Trying to Rejoin EU ‘by Stealth’

The Conservative Party chairman, Richard Holden, responds to Khan’s proposals, accusing him of attempting to drag the UK back into the EU ‘by stealth.’

Holden references Sir Keir Starmer’s history of opposing Brexit and criticizes Labour’s intentions to undermine the democratic vote.

Sadiq Khan’s Vision: Closer Relationship with EU without Immediate Rejoining

While Khan clarifies that he is not advocating for an immediate rejoining of the EU, he suggests a closer relationship, echoing remarks made by shadow foreign secretary David Lammy.

The mayor highlights the economic costs of an ‘extreme hard Brexit’ and emphasizes the need for a dialogue on aligning with the EU.

Sadiq Khan’s Plea for Closer EU Ties: Economic Costs and Benefits of Immigration

Speaking at the Fabian Society conference, Khan advocates for a conversation about aligning with the EU and speaks against the economic costs of an ‘extreme hard Brexit.’

He also criticizes Rishi Sunak’s government, comparing its Rwanda deportation plan to how Brexit was used as a deflection strategy.

Khan urges the Labour Party to speak up on the benefits of immigration and diversity.

Labour’s Position: Closer Alliance with EU Amid Global Uncertainty

Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary Hilary Benn echoes Khan’s sentiments, emphasizing the benefits of a stronger alliance with the EU amid growing geopolitical uncertainty.

Benn suggests that a Labour victory in the general election later this year would prompt an ‘audible sigh of relief’ from the EU.

He underscores the importance of cooperation on foreign policy and security for economic and diplomatic gains.

Looking Ahead: Potential Closer Relationship for Economic and Security Cooperation

Hilary Benn looks toward the future, envisioning a moment when the UK and the EU recognize their significant trading partnership, friendship, and alliance.

He suggests that a closer relationship would be logical for economic reasons and building alliances in a challenging global landscape, citing geopolitical conflicts, climate change, and the threat of a second Trump presidency as factors that necessitate collaborative efforts.

Sadiq Khan’s Call for Dialogue: Economic Review and Youth Mobility

As Sadiq Khan seeks a third term in the mayoral election, he continues to advocate for a youth mobility agreement and a reconsideration of customs union participation during the scheduled 2024 review of the Brexit deal.

Khan’s vision includes a closer relationship with the EU, emphasizing the economic, cultural, and social benefits for London, which he asserts will always be a European city.

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