Linda Robson Confirms Split from Husband of 33 Years

Linda Robson’s Confirmed Split

Linda Robson, known for her role as a panellist on Loose Women, has officially confirmed her separation from her husband of 33 years, Mark Dunford.

Recent speculation and rumors regarding their marriage being in crisis culminated in Linda’s acknowledgment of her single status during an episode of the ITV show.

New Focus on Family

During the discussion with her fellow panellists, Linda shared her perspective on love and relationships. She revealed that her two loves in life now are her grandchildren and children.

With her characteristic candor, she stated that she is not actively seeking a new partner and is content with her family.

Her grandchildren, in particular, hold a special place in her heart.

Past Heartbreak and Relationship History

This isn’t the first time Linda has opened up about her love life on Loose Women. In 2016, she candidly discussed her heartbreak following her first love, Tony Tyler, cheating on her.

Linda expressed regret for not ending the relationship sooner, given the numerous times she caught him cheating.

She emphasized her current focus on affection and meaningful relationships with her family and friends rather than seeking a partner.

Celibacy Revelation

During a different segment, Linda disclosed her celibate status. She mentioned that she hadn’t engaged in sexual activity with her husband, Mark, for two years.

Playfully discussing the topic with her co-stars, she hinted at using a sex toy, alluding to a present from co-star Denise Welch.

This revelation drew laughter and discussion on the show.

Marital Situation and Rumors

Linda and Mark, married in 1990, faced rumors of a marital crisis earlier this year.

Despite these speculations, Linda affirmed that they were still living together and expressed their enduring love for their children.

She acknowledged that every marriage has its ups and downs and emphasized the strength of their 33-year marriage.

Daughter’s Dating App Prank

The humorous aspect of Linda’s personal life came to light when she revealed that one of her daughters set up a dating profile for her as a joke.

Using an old picture of Linda from her 40s, the prank resulted in unexpected interactions on the dating app, leading to amusing encounters with interested suitors.

Linda Robson’s appearance on Loose Women provided a glimpse into her personal journey, from relationship challenges to embracing a new phase of her life focused on her family.

Her candidness and humorous anecdotes resonated with viewers and fellow panellists.

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