Lidl Withdraws Contentious Supermarket Plan on Swansea’s Mumbles Road Due to Planning Delays

…By Lola Smith for TDPel Media. Lidl, the discount retailer, has decided to withdraw its proposal for a supermarket on Mumbles Road in Swansea.


The company cited delays in the planning process as the reason for shelving the plan, as it was affecting an arrangement it had with the landowner.

Swansea Council, which does not own the site, stated that it was not responsible for the delays.

Lidl had submitted its application to the council for the one-acre site in October 2021.

The proposed development included a 60-space car park and cycle stands, as indicated in the transport assessment.

Additionally, an extended turn lane was planned to facilitate drivers turning into the car park from Mumbles Road.

The ground levels at the site were intended to be raised to mitigate the risk of flooding, requiring the demolition of a pair of adjacent semi-detached houses.


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Council planning officers had previously informed Lidl that it would need to provide justification for the need and impact of the planned supermarket, as it was considered a “significant retail development” located far from any district shopping center.

Lidl’s consultants argued that Swansea West and Gower lacked sufficient food stores, and suitable alternative sites had not been found.

The application received significant public attention, resulting in 171 objections and 56 expressions of support.

One objector pointed out in an email to the planning department that the previous garage on the site had far less traffic compared to what a supermarket would attract.

They also highlighted that the garage had separate entrances for entering and exiting.

On the other hand, a supporter mentioned that having a nearby supermarket would be beneficial, reducing the need to travel into central Swansea and contributing to traffic congestion and pollution.

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They also emphasized the potential to transform the derelict land into something useful for local residents.

Lidl confirmed its decision to withdraw the application, explaining that its conditional offer with the site owner, contingent on planning permission, had expired due to planning delays.


The company expressed its ongoing search for suitable sites in the area.

Lidl’s nearest store is currently located in Parc Tawe, approximately three miles away from Blackpill.

A council spokesperson refuted any delay in the planning process from the council’s side in terms of determining the application.

They stated that for the council to properly consider major development proposals like this, applicants need to provide sufficient supporting documents related to the development’s impact on the location, including transportation, air pollution, ecology, as well as green infrastructure and flooding consequences.

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The spokesperson mentioned that despite repeated requests, Lidl failed to provide this information and consequently notified the council of their decision to withdraw the application.


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