Lidl Encourages Christmas Jumper Day Participants to Rent, Not Buy, in Sustainability Drive

Eco-Friendly Twist to Christmas Jumper Day

In preparation for this year’s Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day appeal, Lidl is encouraging participants to consider renting a Christmas jumper instead of purchasing a new one.

The German low-cost retailer is offering the opportunity to rent jumpers featuring its iconic yellow on blue logo for as little as £2 per day.

Environmental charity Hubbub has criticized the environmental impact of single-use Christmas jumpers ending up in landfills, suggesting a more creative and sustainable approach.

Lidl’s Christmas Jumper Rental Options

Lidl’s Christmas jumpers, available for £7.99, can now be rented through the peer-to-peer fashion rental app By Rotation.

The rental collection includes jumpers from the years 2020 to 2023, as well as three bespoke designs by Lydia Bolton.

By partnering with By Rotation, Lidl aims to provide an eco-conscious alternative for festive attire, emphasizing the importance of reducing single-wear outfits.

Positive Impact on the Planet

Eshita Kabra, the founder and CEO of By Rotation, expresses enthusiasm about the collaboration with Lidl, highlighting the positive impact of renting festive jumpers on both the planet and personal finances.

Slow Fashion Designer Lydia Bolton echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the creative process of designing jumpers inspired by Christmas icons from second-hand textiles and supporting the mission of valuing and reusing textiles.

Rental Period and Charitable Contributions

Lidl’s Christmas jumpers can be rented from November 23 to December 31, with all profits from the rentals going to the NSPCC.

Environmental charity Hubbub suggests alternative festive garment options, such as creating personalized Christmas jumpers by reusing existing ones and adding battery-powered fairy lights or decorations.

The initiative aligns with Save the Children’s previous success, raising £5 million in the 2022 Christmas Jumper Day appeal.


Lidl’s initiative to promote Christmas jumper rentals for the Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day reflects a growing emphasis on sustainability in festive celebrations.

By partnering with By Rotation, Lidl not only provides participants with a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative but also supports charitable causes.

The comments from By Rotation’s CEO and Lydia Bolton underscore the dual benefits of reducing environmental impact and fostering a culture of valuing and reusing textiles.

The suggested alternatives by Hubbub further encourage creativity and sustainability in holiday attire, aligning with a broader movement towards conscious consumerism during the festive season.

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