Lebanon Hosts Unprecedented Ecumenical Choir Event – A Symbol of Unity

Lebanon Hosts Unprecedented Ecumenical Choir Event – A Symbol of Unity

ACI Mena, the Arabic-language news partner of CNA, extensively covered and participated in the preparations for an extraordinary event held at the Forum de Beirut.

The event, titled “Beirut 2024,” brought together Christian leaders and participants to showcase the significance of unity among various denominations through a remarkable choir performance.

Bishop Cesar Esayan’s Perspective:

Bishop Cesar Esayan, the apostolic vicar of Latins in Lebanon, emphasized that while the choir may not directly generate unity, it serves as a potent example of it.

In an interview, he shared his belief that the event demonstrates the possibility of Christians uniting in praise and worship.

True unity, according to Bishop Esayan, emerges when individuals dedicate their lives to God and unite with Jesus Christ.

He underscored that the ecumenical symbolism extends beyond Lebanon, impacting the Middle East and the global Christian community.

Bishop Esayan concluded by lauding Lebanon as a model for coexistence and brotherhood among diverse Christian traditions.

Ecumenical Collaboration:

Bishop George Baqouni, metropolitan of Beirut, Byblos, and their Melkite Catholic dependencies, commended the initiative that began around a year and a half ago.

Expressing joy over the collaborative efforts of choir members and leaders from various denominations, Bishop Baqouni highlighted the event’s unprecedented nature in Lebanon.

The participation of leaders from Catholic, Orthodox, and evangelical churches was identified as a positive sign and a call to further action.

Sister Jinan Farah’s Perspective:

Sister Jinan Farah, a consecrated member of the Antonine Sisters, emphasized the necessity of Church unity amidst the ongoing regional crisis.

Viewing the choir, composed of diverse Christian communities across Lebanon, as a tangible expression of unity, she deemed it a crucial step toward strengthening bonds.

Sister Farah described Lebanon as a “symbol of diversity, and of cultural and religious coexistence,” highlighting the country’s unique role in fostering harmony among different faith traditions.


The “Beirut 2024” event stands as a groundbreaking testament to the potential for unity among Christian communities, transcending denominational boundaries.

The perspectives of Bishop Cesar Esayan, Bishop George Baqouni, and Sister Jinan Farah collectively underscore the profound impact of such initiatives on fostering coexistence and mutual respect in Lebanon and beyond.

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