African Catholic Leaders Affirm Opposition to Blessing Homosexual Couples

African Catholic Leaders Affirm Opposition to Blessing Homosexual Couples

Document Preparation:

Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo, President of the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM), revealed the collaborative effort involved in formulating a document expressing Africa’s stance on the blessing of homosexual couples within the Catholic Church.

In an interview, Ambongo disclosed that the document was prepared in dialogue with Pope Francis and the prefect of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith.

The document, titled “No to the blessing of homosexual couples in the Catholic Churches,” was signed by Ambongo on behalf of SECAM, with the official signing occurring in Rome, despite the appearance of the document stating it was signed in Ghana.

Official Declaration:

Cardinal Ambongo clarified that the declaration unequivocally asserts Africa’s opposition to the blessing of same-sex couples within Catholic Churches.

He emphasized the spirit of communion and synodality with Pope Francis and the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, stressing that such blessings have no place in Africa.

SECAM’s Public Statement:

On January 11, SECAM published a statement reaffirming their communion with Pope Francis and declaring that the proposed extra-liturgical blessings, as outlined in the declaration Fiducia Supplicans, cannot be carried out in Africa without risking scandal.

This statement reflected the united position of Episcopal Conferences across the continent.

Respecting Individuals and Biblical Teachings:

Cardinal Ambongo highlighted the need to respect homosexual individuals as human beings.

He asserted that while Africa opposes blessing same-sex couples, individual homosexuals seeking blessings should be respected.

Drawing parallels with blessings for criminals, the cardinal explained that these blessings are offered in the hope of facilitating conversion.

He underscored that such blessings convey the Church’s position that homosexuality is not in line with the will of God, as per biblical teachings.

Concerns about Family and Culture:

Expressing concern over Western values, Cardinal Ambongo lamented the loss of the true meaning of marriage and the decline of culture, which he believes adversely impacts society and the economy.

He criticized the attack on the family unit and voiced apprehension about the consequences of undermining this fundamental cell of humanity.

Denouncement of International Organizations:

Cardinal Ambongo denounced international organizations such as the U.N., UNICEF, and the World Health Organization, accusing them of conditioning financing on the promotion of gender ideology that disregards natural sexual differences.

He asserted that African culture, while imperfect, cannot be reproached for its opposition to homosexuality, citing isolated cases and maintaining that such practices are not inherent to African society.

Conclusion and Cultural Contrast:

In conclusion, the cardinal expressed the stark contrast between African values and those in the West, particularly regarding family, marriage, and societal norms.

He critiqued international organizations for imposing ideologies incompatible with African culture.

Cardinal Ambongo’s insights provide a comprehensive understanding of the collaboration, declaration, and underlying cultural concerns regarding the Catholic Church’s stance on the blessing of homosexual couples in Africa.

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