Manhunt for Suspect in Multiple Shootings – Police Seek Romeo Nance

Manhunt for Suspect in Multiple Shootings – Police Seek Romeo Nance

Illinois law enforcement has launched a manhunt for Romeo Nance, a suspect deemed ‘armed and dangerous,’ in connection to a shooting incident that resulted in multiple fatalities across two homes.

The unfolding investigation reveals a disturbing connection to previous criminal activities involving Nance.

Search for Armed Suspect:

Authorities in Illinois are intensifying efforts to locate and apprehend Romeo Nance, a suspect linked to a shooting rampage resulting in several fatalities.

Nance is believed to be operating a red Toyota Camry with the license plate Q730412, and police caution the public to consider him armed and dangerous.

The urgency of the situation is heightened by Nance’s alleged involvement in two additional shootings on the preceding Sunday.

Fluid Investigation and Crime Scenes:

The investigation remains dynamic and ever-changing, with law enforcement urging anyone with information about Nance or his vehicle to contact local authorities.

Police discovered the lifeless bodies of multiple victims with gunshot wounds in two homes situated in the 2200 block of West Acres Road.

The severity of the situation prompted the closure of West Acres Road for investigation purposes.

Multiple Shootings and Victim Identities:

In a grim update, law enforcement confirmed that several individuals lost their lives in the shootings, refraining from initially disclosing the exact number of casualties.

One of the incidents involved the Will County Sheriff’s Office responding to a shooting at Pheasant Run Apartments on Sunday.

The victim, Toyosi Bakare, a 28-year-old originally from Nigeria, succumbed to gunshot wounds.

Another individual was shot in the leg around ten minutes prior, surviving the attack.

Random Nature of Shootings and Past Criminal History:

Authorities assert that the victims in the Sunday shootings appear unrelated and seem to be random targets.

Notably, Romeo Nance had a previous encounter with the law in 2023 when he was arrested for attempting to shoot a woman multiple times.

The incident involved aggressive behavior, including throwing a water bottle, brandishing a gun, and firing shots at the victim’s vehicle.

Despite facing serious charges, Nance was released on bond and had a scheduled court appearance.

Criminal Record and Past Arrests:

Nance’s criminal history includes a prior imprisonment at the age of 19, involving charges of robbery, theft, and unlawful possession of cannabis.

This background raises concerns about the potential escalation of violence, emphasizing the urgency of locating Nance to prevent further harm.


The ongoing manhunt for Romeo Nance underscores the complexities and challenges faced by law enforcement in addressing repeat offenders.

The suspect’s past encounters with the legal system, coupled with the seemingly random nature of the recent shootings, highlight the need for a comprehensive approach to public safety and the prevention of future criminal acts.