Leaked Document Suggests CIA Had Prior Knowledge of Ukrainian Plot to Blow Up Nord Stream Pipeline

Leaked Document Suggests CIA Had Prior Knowledge of Ukrainian Plot to Blow Up Nord Stream Pipeline

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Leaked Document Reveals CIA Knowledge of Ukrainian Plot


A document leaked by Pentagon whistleblower Jack Teixiera reportedly claimed that the CIA had information about a Ukrainian military plot to blow up the Nord Stream pipeline.

The document, which surfaced three months before the actual attack in September 2022, outlined a plan involving a covert team of divers recruited by the Ukrainian military to target the pipeline.

The attack, which caused significant damage to the pipeline system owned by Russian state-owned gas company Gazprom, was previously condemned by the US as an act of sabotage.

However, this leak suggests that US officials may have had prior knowledge of the imminent attack.

Teixiera’s Arrest and Controversial Leak

Jack Teixiera, the alleged Pentagon leaker, was arrested in April on suspicion of orchestrating a significant intelligence leak.


As an Air National Guardsman, Teixiera had access to highly classified US government information.

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The leaked document regarding Ukraine’s plan to target the Nord Stream pipeline was obtained from an individual in Ukraine and shared with the Washington Post.

It described a plot involving members of Ukraine’s special operations force using false identities, renting a boat, and utilizing a submersible vehicle to plant C4 explosives on the pipeline.

While the authenticity of the plot is unverified, the CIA deemed it important enough to share with European allies after learning of it in June 2022.

Implications and Suspected Perpetrators

Intelligence insiders have indicated that the leaked information aligns with what the CIA learned from European counterparts, suggesting that they may have been aware of the imminent attack on the pipeline.

The European intelligence gathering revealed that the plan was not devised by rogue actors but rather involved individuals reporting directly to Gen.

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Valerii Zaluzhnyi, the commander in chief of Ukraine’s military.


This arrangement aimed to distance Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy from any potential fallout, as accusations of Ukrainian involvement in attacking civilian infrastructure could undermine international support for Ukraine’s resistance against Russia’s invasion.

Questions and Allegations Surrounding the Attack

Following the pipeline attack, US President Joe Biden condemned it as a deliberate act of sabotage targeting European energy needs.

However, questions remain regarding the true perpetrators of the attack.

A controversial report suggested that specialized US Navy diving teams, acting under Biden’s orders, carried out the attack to retaliate against Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

The report claimed that C4 explosives were planted on three Nord Stream pipelines in June 2022 and subsequently detonated by a sonar buoy triggering the bombs.

The alleged motive behind the attack was to reduce reliance on Russian gas for major European nations like Germany.

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The leaked document revealing prior knowledge of the Ukrainian plot to attack the Nord Stream pipeline has raised significant questions about the involvement of various parties.

If the claims are substantiated, it would suggest that the US government had information about the impending attack but failed to prevent it.

The leak has also fueled speculations about the true perpetrators of the attack, with allegations ranging from Ukrainian officials to specialized US Navy diving teams acting under Biden’s orders.

The ramifications of these revelations extend beyond the pipeline incident, impacting diplomatic relations and raising concerns about the integrity of sensitive intelligence.

Further investigations and disclosures are needed to uncover the full truth behind this controversial event.


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